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Feardemic return with new horror – Evil Nun: The Broken Mask

evil nun the broken mask
The Evil Nun is here!

Feardemic – the publishers behind DARQ: Complete Edition, Remorse: The List and countless other horror titles – are back. And yet again, they come with another scarefest. This one goes by the name of Evil Nun: The Broken Mask – present on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.

Another Summer Camp!

Developed by Keplerians, this one is sure to have you with emergency replacement underwear nearby at all times…

When will you learn? Summer camp is no place to be if you prefer your vital organs safe inside you, as they always seem to be the locales for evil killers to do their thing.

The schtick is no different in Evil Nun: The Broken Mask, now available on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch following a Halloween 2022 PC release. This religious summer school soon turns into a hellish nightmare, as you attempt to escape a locked-down school haunted by Sister Madeline. The titular Evil Nun will stalk you around every corner – only collecting all pieces of a broken mask will grant you freedom.

And so follows a downright terrifying first-person puzzle-horror experience in which you uncover clues and build the broken mask. Sister Madeline always promises to pop out when you least expect it. In fact, she truly has perfected the ancient art of the jumpscare. However, craft the correct items, and you may just be able to mount some kind of counter-attack.

Key Features

  • A huge map of a cursed summer camp of a catholic school called Eagle Junior High School.
  • Sister Madeline is a very smart & creepy possessed nun. She is constantly chasing you with her infamous hammer.
  • Many chapters, escape routes & puzzles to complete.
  • Craft different items with the help of the lost children to face the evil nun.
  • Minigames & more!

Now Available

Evil Nun: The Broken Mask is now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch and PC.

Whilst we muster up the courage to play the game for our full review on Xbox, why don’t you check the game out for yourself. It costs £16.74 via the Xbox Store.

Game Description

Welcome to Eagle Junior High School! You have been selected to participate in a religious summer camp that promised to be the ideal place to make friends and spend the summer. Upon your arrival though, you realise that the entire thing is a hoax and you get locked up in a dilapidated school guarded by an evil nun.

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