The second season of Telltale’s distinctive take on the Dark Knight’s antics in Gotham has culminated in a finale that could take you down two completely different paths. Now it’s here, will you be finding John Doe to be a friend or foe?

The fifth and final episode of Batman: The Enemy Within, titled ’Same Stitch’, is set to focus mainly on the relationship between Bruce Wayne/Batman and his former Arkham Asylum inmate, John Doe, and whether the birth of The Joker means you gain an ally or a sworn enemy. It all depends on the choices made throughout the entire season and as a result, this episode has a total of three and a half hours of content to serve this purpose. Two different stories will potentially play out, which could either see an unhinged vigilante take your side or a villain created who’s hell-bent on making you suffer. It’s Telltale Game’s most ambitious episode to date!

You can uncover the fate of The Joker and the repercussions for Bruce in ‘Same Stitch’, which is available right now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, at no extra cost for Season Pass owners. Otherwise, episode five of Batman: The Enemy Within will cost the usual amount of £5.19 and can be found on each platform’s digital store, with the Microsoft Store being the place to go if you’re an Xbox gamer of course.

If you haven’t played the series yet, be sure to check out our review of Episode 1 when you get the chance to discover what you’re missing out on.

Are you heading to back to the world of Batman to find out if you’ve created a monster in the form of the Clown Prince of Crime? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

Episode Description:

What would you choose: a friend whose unhinged approach to justice turns your allies against you, or a sworn enemy who will stop at nothing to see you suffer as your city burns? Based on the relationship you’ve built with John Doe, you’ll see one of two very different stories play out. So what’ll it be, Bruce: friend…or foe? Episode five of a five part episodic game series. Purchase of this additional content requires Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 1.

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