The first Destiny 2 DLC trailer has dropped… and, yes, it looks as epic as you might expect.

Pulled aside by Ikora in the Tower, we are informed that an ancient Vex gate has reopened on Mercury, opening up the possibility of travel to that moon. In fact its more like a certainty, as Ikora tells us we are the only thing that can stop the Vex. Yes, the Vex are back, in both ancient and futuristic forms (remember the Vault of Glass?), and they are planning on destroying the Universe.The Vex this time around are looking very purposeful too, so I think its safe to say we will be enjoying some belly button blasting on Mercury this time!

Just as an aside, Ikora also mentions that her mentor, the Warlock Osiris, is also back in the world he was banished from so long ago. Or was it so long ago? Time becomes somewhat meaningless when dealing with a species that can manipulate time in the way that the Vex can. Anyway, whenever it was that he disappeared, Osiris is back and I’ve got to say, I love his armour. Is this a possible armour that can be obtained in the DLC? We can only hope! And as for his Ghost, that thing has the coolest shell I’ve ever seen. Again, is it available in the game? Please tell me yes, Bungie!

We are also treated to Osiris taking out a few Vex with a gun I’ve not seen before, which seems to fuse Vex technology into it. There are a couple of seconds of first person footage with this gun, teasing us with the chance that we might be able to run around with it. There are some tubes on the gun that are almost reminiscent of the Siva weapons from Rise of Iron, and I suspect that this may well be a new exotic, at the far end of a quest chain to get it.

What’s possibly even more interesting than Osiris, his kit and his use of the Dawnblade (when did he learn that?), is where he is fighting the Vex. Unless I’m very much mistaken (and there is always that possibility), but it seems like he’s taking on the Vex in the Vault of Glass, in the area where we fought The Templar in the raid. Does this point to a revisit to the Vault, in the company of a man who probably knows where all the chests are? By extension, that would also add Venus to the list of planets to visit and blow things up on, along with Mercury as mentioned at the top.

There are no details yet as to whether this DLC will feature new strikes or a new raid, but the one thing we do know is the launch date: December 5th. If Bungie stay true to form, there will be more information coming soon, and as soon we know more, I’ll report back.

We can sit and hope that they will bring an increase in light/power level as well, to quieten the rumblings of dissatisfaction from the people who have long ago maxed out their characters. So, does the trailer fill you with hope and a desire to play Destiny again, or is the game dead to you already? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to have a read of our full review, or those thoughts about the endgame which were posted a couple of months on from release.

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