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Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 18 – Spring


While it may be Spring in Mexico, I feel that this week’s Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges can be viewed as a celebration of the fact that I have officially passed half a century of being alive. Am I too old to play games now and does it mean that I’ve forgotten how to tune a car? Hell naw! So, with my new found enthusiasm, let’s bound into spring and grab these challenges by the scruff of the neck. 

As the final week in Series 18 of the Forza Horizon 5 Playlist Challenges, and the conclusion of the Horizon Wilds takeover, hopefully we will have some good stuff to look forward to.

forza horizon 5 series 18 spring hoonigan

Part 1: #Forzathon Weekly Challenge – Hoonitruck

Perhaps not surprisingly, given the title of this section, we have to use the Hoonigan Hoonitruck – an all wheel drive Ford F-150 from 1977 that Ken Block brought to the screen in Gymkhana 10.

If you don’t own one already, it is available at the Autoshow for a hefty 500,000 credits, or if you prefer to be a little more thrifty, it is the prize for the first of the Eventlabs this week. Maybe start there, eh?

Chapter 1 – Does the Truck

Get in your Hoonitruck and hit the throttle. Step one complete!

Chapter 2 – Hoonigan Slide

We now have to earn a drift tap skill in our truck, where you are drifting and bounce off a wall.

Find a wall on a corner and let rip. Apparently this is to honour the amazing drifts in Climbkhana 2.

Chapter 3 – Climbkhana Two

Speaking of that film, we now have to go and win the Volcan Sprint in our truck.

This is at the foot of the volcano, but I’ll include a picture to save you some time. This is a very cool race actually, and drifting around the curves is a lot of fun. 

Chapter 4 – No.43

As we all know, 43 was Ken’s number, and to honour him for the final time, we need to bank 43,000 skill score. In this truck? Piece of cake. Mmm, cake…

Where we finish the Volcan Sprint is a drift zone right in front, so a quick run through there saw me do this easy.

Part 2: Challenges

Even more Eventlab stuff to try this week, with two to have a go at, alongside the fun of the Trial and the usual mix of racing and stunting about.

Let’s dive straight in and see what is what, shall we?

The Trial – Uno! Dos! Tres! Quattro!

From the title of the Trial this week, can you guess which car we need to use?

Yes, it’s a Jag. Just kidding, it is of course the Audi Sport Quattro, tuned to a maximum of B Class 700.

This is a road race, in the rain, with oncoming traffic so is pretty challenging. I made this share code to try and beat the driverbots: 158817803.

There wasn’t a lot of head room, so this is a bit slidey.

For winning, we will walk away with a Ford RS200.

forza horizon 5 series 18 spring Quattro

Eventlab 1 – ESGRUMPY Presents East Mangrove Circuit.

For this event we need a Modern Rally car in a B Class 700 spec, and so I went with an Evo, as always. The Evo VIII MR, with share code: 141172186.

Completing the course sees you win a lovely Hoonigan Hoonitruck. Just what we need. 

Eventlab 2 – TYPEHARDFARK Presents [-AT-] Creek Crossing Circuit

This time the event calls for a Hoonigan vehicle, up to S1 Class 900, and so as always, I reached into my garage and pulled out the Escort RS1800, share code: 264985022. 

This should see you right, as again, playing solo, all you have to do is complete the course.

The prize? A Super Wheelspin. It’s super. 

forza horizon 5 series 18 spring Escort

PR Stunt 1 – Danger Sign – Mountain Top

Fancy flinging your car off an actual mountain? Well that is the task for this stunt, and we have to fly 540 metres. There is also an accolade for doing three stars on this jump in any Hoonigan vehicle, so I took the Hoonigan RS200, in this trim: 130713320.

Good luck!

Approaching across country gave the best result, and hitting the ramp at 180 mph saw me clear it.

Flying like a bird will get us a Super Wheelspin.

PR Stunt 2 – Speed Trap – San De Las Minas

175 mph, past a speed camera, offroad? What could be easier? Well, brain surgery and rocket science, it appears!

I stayed in the Hoonigan RS200 for this one, and approached in a straight line across country to hit the trap. Sticking to the road won’t work.

Another Super Wheelspin will be yours if you can hold your nerve, and your line.

PR Stunt 3 – Drift Zone – Otro Mundo.

An offroad drift zone and a target of 115,00 drift points in a S2 Class 998 car? Well, if there’s one thing old Mr Block knew about, it was drifting, and so I stayed in the RS200 yet again. Keep sliding and this shouldn’t be too bad.

Another Super Wheelspin can be yours!

Seasonal Championship – Monster Dash

This looks like this will be right up my alley – a Rally Monster, a restriction of S1 Class 900, and some races to win. Well, the same Hoonigan Escort can be pressed into service again, and the share code is still: 264985022. This should make short work of the competition.

Winning outright, or best two out of three in a convoy, will get you a Porsche, the #65 Desert Flyer.

Seasonal Championship – Foto Opportunity

Take an offroad car, tune it to B Class 700, and what does that give you? Well, hopefully a fun championship!

I went with the Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid, and the share code is: 166960440. This is one of my favourite cars in the game, strangely.

Winning this championship, alone or with a friend (if they ever come online) will get you a Rally Fighter.

Part 3: Other Challenges

Pretty slim pickings this week again, with only a Photo and a Treasure Hunt challenge to have a crack at. Oh, and a bit of Horizon Tour to take part in. Oh,and some Eliminator. Maybe there is a bit to do this week. 

Still, let’s see if we can help you out, shall we?

Photo Challenge -#BUGGYATCIX

Take a photo of a buggy, any buggy, at CIX’s mural in San Sebastian. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, I’ll make that even easier by sharing the location and my artistic efforts below. The mural is easy to find, as it extends beyond the roof level of the house it is on. 

For taking a picture, you will gain the “La Cucaracha” horn. Nice.

forza horizon 5 series 18 spring Photo 1
forza horizon 5 series 18 spring Photo 2

Treasure Hunt – Lancer-Lot

No prizes for guessing which car we need this week, eh?

Yes, it’s a Lancer Evo, and the clue reads  “Lancer-Lot was head of the table, but could he Rally his men to victory?”. 

I’m guessing an off road race, and so I went for a Dirt Trail race, as this is the most like a Rally. Pick any Lancer you like, I used the Evo X, and the Cordillera Trail race.

I’ll share the location of the treasure chest below, which contains 100 FP.

forza horizon 5 series 18 spring Treasure
forza horizon 5 series 18 spring treasure 2

Horizon Tour

Finally, we have a bit of Horizon Tour Co-Op racing to do. Not knowing what class will come up makes it impossible to recommend a car, but just bear in mind you don’t have to win, just take part.

And for doing so, you’ll win three whole points towards the weekly cars. Finally, my life is complete!

The Eliminator

Finally, the Eliminator – Place in the top 30 to win a car. 

I have no tips for this one, I’m afraid, as I suck at the Eliminator. Hide in a bush, go out and fight, whatever floats your boat. It’s not too difficult at all to get a top 30 spot. 

Making it into the top 30 will get us a Hoonigan Nova as a reward, so it isn’t all bad!

Part 4: Hot Wheels Events

If you are an elite level Hot Wheels player then you’ll discover a couple of extra events to enjoy. Whizz off to Hot Wheels Park and you can get involved in the following. 

Seasonal PR Stunt – Speed Zone – Forest Flume

Now, this may be interesting.

A Speed zone in the Hot Wheels park, with an average of 190mph required to pass. This sounds like a job for a Koenigsegg; The Agera RS, to be exact, with share code: 09282883, and as it fulfils the S2 Class 998 requirement, that’ll do nicely. 

Going downhill, approaching from the left is easier, but weirdly, don’t go too fast, as sliding in the water will really slow you down.

For doing this challenge, a Super Wheelspin will be sliding its way towards you.

forza horizon 5 series 18 spring Escort

Seasonal Championship – Up the Tempo

Take a car from the UK, take it up to the tippy top of S2 Class 998, and then go racing. Sounds like a challenge!

Well, I cheated a bit and used a car that is pretty rapid to start with, the Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro, and the share code for mine is: 135491939. Get in and hold on tight is my advice, this thing shifts!

Winning, either solo or in a convoy, will get us a Portofino from 2018. 

And that is pretty much it for Series 18 and Spring. Seeing as this is the end of the current series, with Series 19 to come, there’s a chance you’ll have already spent time taking in the two Monthly Rivals events. If you haven’t, got them ticked off right now. You just need to run a couple of clean laps are a couple of circuits – La Selva Scramble and the River Scramble – as fast as possible. The best way to get to the events is to hit up the relevant event tiles on the Festival Playlist tab.  

Everything you do in Series 18 Spring will earn you points towards the free cars. Spring brings the Nissan Safari and No.42 Extreme E to your garage, whilst the full series rewards should be easily picked up now – the Subaru Brat for 80pts and the Sierra 700R for 160pts.  

We’ll be back next week with the start of Series 19 and the new challenges found in Sumer. We’re expecting big things from the new ‘Midnights at Horizon’ playlist.    

In order to be able to complete the Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges, you’ll need a copy of Forza Horizon 5 in your digital library. Sitting pretty on Game Pass or behind a cash outlay, it is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC, all via the Xbox Store

The comments section is below. We’d love to hear from you – especially if our cars and tunes work. 

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