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Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 30 – Winter


It is now Winter in Forza Horizon 5, and the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges for Series 30 just keep on coming. Good job really, or my Thursday nights would be way too long and empty!

So, here we are in Winter, and it is the Dry Season in Mexico, meaning we have yet more messing about to do in cars as we look to tick off the latest Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges. Let’s check out what’s on the menu this week, shall we?

Forza Horizon 5 Series 30 Winter Photo
Forza Horizon 5 Series 30 Winter Photo

Part 1: Weekly Car Challenge – Hoonitruck

The weekly challenge car for Series 30 – Winter is the 1977 Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford F-150 Hoonitruck, which has to be in the running for “longest name of a car ever”. All ready to go sideways?

Should you not have one in your garage, then it is available in the Autoshow for a hefty 500,000 credits. It also is in the Forzathon shop for 400 FP.

Chapter 1 – Does the Truck

Get in your new car, take it for a spin. Step one complete! 

Chapter 2 – Hoonigan Slide

Now we need to earn a Drift Tap skill, basically by drifting and tapping the rear end on a wall or something similar. This is to honour the drifts from “Climbkhana 2” apparently.

Chapter 3 – Climbkhana Tewo

Now we need to win the Volcan Sprint race in out truck. Easy peasy. I’ve tuned mine a bit so look for share name “Truck” with GT Red620Ti.

Chapter 4 – No.43

Finally, we need to bank 43,000 skill score in the truck. Bit of light drifting required, I’d say! 

Complete these tasks and we will be five points closer to the seasonal prizes that are up for grabs with Forza Horizon 5’s Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges for Series 30.

Part 2: Weekly Challenges, Championships and PR Stunts

So, with the weekly challenge done and dusted, let’s dive into the rest of the mayhem on offer. 

The Trial, three Eventlabs, a similar number of PR Stunts and a couple of Seasonal Championships this week. And that means there is much jumping to do, so it should be fun.

The Trial – Saddle Up

This week, we are limited to a Mustang, hence the witty pun, and the tuning limit is B Class 700. I went for an SVT Cobra R, and the share code is : 108661264.

Should we manage to win out on this mammoth drive, a #13 Ford Mustang is the prize.

Eventlab 1 – Don Joewon Song Presents – A R C A D I A

No, I don’t know why it is spaced out like that either.

The category for this one is Track Toys to S1 Class 900, and so I went with a Lotus 3-Eleven, share code 113867282.

Don is back on song this week, if you’ll pardon the pun, and this is a great track that is good fun to drive.

The prize for completing this race is a Super Wheelspin.

Eventlab 2 – UNWORTHYPLEB Presents – Hilltop Scramble

Classic and Retro Rally is the car type and B Class 700 is the restriction. I went for a Subaru 22B, share code: 164422572.

A fun track that doesn’t outstay its welcome, the dirt section is the highlight.

Take away a Creative Tee for completing it.

Eventlab 3 – GABRIEL SZAYEL Presents – Otoribashi (1v1)

We need any Japanese car, tuned to B Class 700 and so I chose a Skyline. Why wouldn’t you?

I went for the classic R33 from 1997, and the share code is :224199956. My uncle actually had one of these back in the day, and it certainly moved I can tell thee! 

A lot of work has clearly gone into the backdrop of this track. Watch out for the right after the tunnel, it’s a bit sharp. 

We can take away a Nissan GT-R Black Edition for bearing with it though. Nice!

PR Stunt 1 –  Danger Sign – Cascadas

The PR Stunts this week all share a common theme – Hyundai cars, tuned to B Class 700.

I’m not familiar with the best cars that this brand deal with, and so chose a Ioniq 6, mainly because it is already AWD. Look for share name “Ioniq” with GT Red620Ti.

We need to jump over 177m. Do so and you’ll find a Super Wheelspin heading your way in return. 

PR Stunt 2 – Danger Sign – Ridge Crest

Same type of challenge as above, with the same car. It’s just that this time we need to jump over 210m to win.

Another Super Wheelspin awaits. 

PR Stunt 3 – Danger Sign – Cannonball

Guess what? It’s time to rinse and repeat again! This time the jump distance to beat is 168m.

Yet another Super Wheelspin for doing this.

Seasonal Championship 1 – Fine China

Hi, pun writers…

For this event it’s the cars from China that come to the fore. The tuning limit is A Class 800, and while it may be amusing to tune a Wuling Sunshine up, my sensible head said No. 100 Cyan Racing 03 from Lynk & Co in stock trim is fine.

For winning out, we can take home a Lotus Exige S, famously not a Chinese car…

Seasonal Championship 2 – Year of the Volksdragon

Oh my, they get worse.

The class this time around is C Class 600, and the type is Volkswagen, in case you hadn’t guessed. I used a Golf VR MK3 from ‘98, and the share name is “MK3” with my GT, which you should know by now!

The prize for winning is a Hyundai Veloster N, which makes up for the hassle, I guess!

Part 3: Other Challenges

There’s always more to get involved in than just the racing, and that is the case again this week with Series 30 – Winter.

What do we have? Well a photo to take, some collectible smashing, some drifting and some Playground games – What more could you need in life?

Photo Challenge – #KILLALLTYRES

We have to photograph any Hoonigan car anywhere we like. Should be pretty simple, no?

See up top for my artistic effort, and below for the location. Extra points for capturing it mid drift, in tribute to Ken.

The reward? A new Forzalink phrase “Time to Hoon?”. It’s always time to Hoon!

Horizon Open – Catch my Drift

We simply need to complete a Horizon Open Drift event to complete this step, and as it could be any class, I can’t recommend a car I’m afraid. Keep your fingers crossed for S1 Class and use a Formula Drift MkIV Supra would be my advice.

For completing this event, a #43 Dodge Viper can be yours.

Collectibles Challenge – Off with a Bang!

For this challenge, we need to smash 10 Firework boxes at the Lunar Drift Arena.

See below for a picture of what you are looking for; they are scattered around the arena.

We will get a new Fireworks car horn for completing this.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 30 Winter Collectible
Forza Horizon 5 Series 30 Winter Collectible
Forza Horizon 5 Series 30 Winter Collectible Location
Forza Horizon 5 Series 30 Winter Collectible Location

Playground Games – Running Laps

The cars for this are from the helpfully named “David vs Goliath” class.

I chose a #24 Racing Truck FE from Mercedes, cos who wants to be David? Share code is : 117572081.

Completing all three events will see us walk away with a prize, win or lose. This prize is a Forzalink Phrase, “Special Delivery!”

Part 4: Hot Wheels Events

If you have the Hot Wheels expansion and are an Elite Level player, then you get to enjoy a couple of extra events.

Seasonal PR Stunt – Speed Zone – Treetops

We need a Hoonigan for this event, and one tuned to S1 Class 900.

Hit the zone and average over 180 mph to triumph. I used a stock Gymkhana 10 Ford Escort Cosworth from 1991. It is tricky, but approach from the right as it is mostly downhill.

A Super Wheelspin is your reward. 

Seasonal Championship – Journey of a Thousand Miles

We need an S2 Class 998 Hypercar this week. This could be spicy!

I went with the old faithful Koenigsegg One:1, and the share code is : 922155891. This thing will shift, 275 mph!

Completing the championship will get us a Koenigsegg CC8S

Part 5: Rally Adventure Events

The Rally Adventure expansion brings even more events to the roster and provided you are already a Horizon Badlands champion, you’ll get access to the following couple of events… 

Seasonal PR Stunt – Speed Zone – Tierres Verdes

Another event needing a Hoonigan, with an S1 Class 900 tune, so I went for an Escort RS1800, as most of these cars are great in a slide, but not in a race!

The share code is 264985022. We need to clear over 70mph average here.

The prize is another Super Wheelspin. Sigh.

Seasonal Championship – Very Imprezzive

Sigh. Guess what we need for this event? Yes, a Subaru. I guess “Very Subaruissive” didn’t scan.

I used a BRZ, as the tune limit is a mere B Class 700, and so the share code is : 139235813.

For winning, it is a Horizon Raptors Desert Scarf that we can take away. My life is now complete.

With Series 30 at the Winter mark, a new set of cars are up for grabs. And they are the Ioniq 6 ‘22 for 80 points and a Nio EP9 for 160. You should have the first one by now!

Even more Rivals circuits have now been added too, and there are two for proper cars and two for EVs. For proper cars, we can have a crack at Estadio Circuit and Horizon Baja Scramble, while the EV lovers amongst us will enjoy Tierra Prospera Circuit and Aerodroma Sprint. Put in a clean lap on each event to earn 4 points in total, not per race as it appears.

Grab enough points and Series 30 – Winter also sees you given access to the exclusive Hyundai i30N for 20 points. Additionally, for 40 points we can get a Hoonicorn v2, a hard to find car apparently. 

There is plenty more to look forward to as the weeks go by. Come back, same time, same place for a look at Spring’s events. And then we get to look forward to the next new Series…

To enjoy these events in the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges, you’ll need a copy of Forza Horizon 5. It’s available on Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and on the cloud via mobile. The Xbox Store will sort you out with a download. 

Let us know in the comments if I have helped, hindered or missed the mark with these tunes. 

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