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It may not be the most exciting downloadable content to hit the Xbox Games Store in recent times, but when something is free, then it should never be ignored. And the latest DLC for UNO is exactly that – FREE!

Available to download right now is the Winter Theme DLC for UNO on Xbox One. Now, with a zero price point, we wouldn’t ever expect too much and it seems that this latest Winter pack is a little lacking in content. But hey, it’s for UNO and that makes us happy.

If you agree and want to check out the new avatars, environment and music that the Winter Theme DLC brings, then make your way swiftly to the Xbox Games Store and grab it right now. If you haven’t yet played UNO, then you don’t know what you’re missing – our full review of the game on Xbox One is here.

DLC Description:

Winter takes over UNO! Add some fun, cozyness and joy to your UNO deck with the Winter Theme. This DLC contains new avatars, environment, and music for you and your friends to enjoy! A fun new way to enjoy your UNO game in the comfort of your living room!

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