Happy New Year – Nearly! Why don’t you celebrate with some free Xbox games? You see, the free titles being given away with the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for January 2018 have now been announced. Are they to your liking?

As January approaches and the new year bells chime, the Xbox Games With Gold scheme will start to deliver four new free games to all those who have a valid Xbox Live Gold – one of which is launching as a brand new title. They are

  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III – Xbox One – 1st-31st Jan 2018
  • Zombi – Xbox One – 16th Jan – 15th Feb 2018
  • Tomb Raider Underworld – Xbox 360 – 1st-15th Jan 2018
  • Army of Two – Xbox 360 – 16th-31st Jan 2018

Stripped of their price tags for anything between two and four weeks each, if you’ve been tempted by a new adventure of Van Helsing, want to be scared by Zombi, wish to team up as an army, or just prefer to send Lara Croft off on a new journey into the underworld, the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for January 2018 will allow it.

We will of course remind you when the time comes to grab each free game, but for now, make sure you let us know your thoughts on the upcoming freebies by posting in the comments below.

Embrace the freeness!



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