When a tyrannical leader and her army abduct a woman, it becomes your task to pull off a rescue mission in Infinite – Beyond The Mind. It’s out right now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, but will you be delving into this action-platformer in order to save the day?

In a bid to dominate the world, Queen Evangelyn of the Beljantaur Kingdom hatches a plan to kidnap one of two women who hold special powers. Depending on which of the two female protagonists you play as, Tanya or Olga, will determine who gets abducted by the Queen’s armed forces. From then on you’ll have to battle through 16 side-scrolling stages full of enemy troops, unique boss fights and a host of platforming challenges to tackle. To stand a chance of rescuing the friend, it’s going to take a lot of agility to overcome the enemy waves and navigate the tricky environments ahead.

As you traverse the stages, you’ll notice the beautiful world of the Beljantaur Kingdom and those within it are brought to life by a charming chibi style pixel art. Whether you embark on this 2D action-platformer journey alone, or not, is entirely your call as it also offers a local co-op option. Should you wish to grab Infinite – Beyond The Mind, it’s now available for just £7.99 via the Xbox Store and can be found on the respective digital stores of your chosen platform too.

Be sure to get in touch to let us know what you think of Infinite – Beyond The Mind and if you’ll be buying it! Keep an eye out for our review too.

Game Description:

Infinite – Beyond The Mind is a slick 2D action-platformer where you take on evil Queen Evangelyn Bramann, ruler of The Beljantaur Kingdom as she works towards her dream of world domination. Play as either Tanya or Olga, two girls who have the power to stop the Beljantaur Kingdom’s growing army and take down the evil Queen. Take on a range of different bosses in either single-player or co-op across a variety of stunning chibi pixel art style backdrops as you explore the Beljantaur Kingdom. Your agility is the key to your survival on the battlefield and your strength is what will prevent the Queen’s reign of terror from taking over the world… Do you stand a chance against her Majesty?

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