gunfire reborn

How many different elements do you want to build into a game? Gunfire Reborn comes with a ton. 

Available right now to purchase and download on Xbox, pulled along by the power of Game Pass should you so wish, Gunfire Reborn from Duoyi Games and 505 Games has previously been locked down to the world of PC, playable through Steam since late 2021 in which it’s picked up a host of cracking reviews. 

It comes to Xbox, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for £17.99, or through Game Pass should you have a subscription (you have a Game Pass subscription, yeah?!?) to deliver console players the chance to partake in a game full of ideas. Highly-stylised, this level-based adventure comes with FPS, roguelite and RPG elements as you join a group of heroes on a bit of a quest. 

Where that quest will take them is unknown, for Gunfire Reborn works a procedurally generated route, throwing out randomly-dropped weapons as it goes. What that means in basic terms is that pretty much everything in Gunfire Reborn is an unknown; a brand-new experience with every playthrough. 

What we do know is that Gunfire Reborn will have you playing as an animal hero, pickable from a group of six as you look to go it alone or team up with others in a cooperative-led squad. Running and gunning is pretty much the name of the game from there on out as you utilise a variety of abilities and items, dual-wielding, chucking smoke bombs and clearing out rooms to the best of your ability. 

But for all the randomness that is available in Gunfire Reborn, it’s probably the visual style that has grabbed us most – it just looks utterly gorgeous. 

Stay tuned for our full review of Gunfire Reborn as we get to grips with the madness that looks to play out. If you wish to get involved for yourself, you just need to head to the Xbox Store – the fact that this is on Game Pass pretty much makes it a no-brainer. 

Game Description:

Gunfire Reborn is a level-based adventure game featuring FPS, roguelite, and RPG elements. Players can control unique heroes—each with different abilities—as they adventure through procedurally-generated levels and pick up randomly-dropped weapons. Play Gunfire Reborn alone or cooperatively with up to three other players. Every level is random; each new restart is a brand-new experience. You will meet different heroes and experience new weapons, items, checkpoints, and unique combat rhythms throughout the game.

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