We’ve seen Link, Kratos, Ezio Auditore, Devil Jin and Heihachi take a break from their respective game series’ in recent years to make a welcome guest appearance in the battle for SoulCalibur, this time however that shining guest appearance will be filled by the rugged stature of Geralt of Rivia as The Witcher is confirmed for SoulCalibur VI.

That’s right if the thought of Nightmare vs Geralt was something that you’d pondered as a battle for the ages then you’ll finally be able to exercise that fantasy matchup as the silver haired Witcher will be amongst the roster when SoulCalibur VI arrives later this year.

Considered one of the deadliest monster slayers after his training at the elite Scholle of the Wolf, Geralt will bring his superhuman reflexes and strength to battle as his superior sword fighting skills. Players who choose to take to the battle as Geralt will be able to utilise The Witcher’s signature fighting style with a clever combination of swordplay, ability-enhancing potions and combat magic. Voiced by Doug Cockle, the English voice of Geralt of Rivia, everyone’s favourite Witcher will be bring an impressive option to the fight whilst being accompanied in battle by the iconic ‘Hunt or be Hunted’ composition from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt sountrack.

Geralt will join the signature cast of legendary fighters set to return such as Misurugi Sophitia, Kilic, Nightmare and Ivy, whilst other newcomers also arrive to battle amongst the 16th century stages.

Will you be getting involved in SoulCalibur VI when it arrives later this year? Is Geralt enough to tempt you in if you were on the fence? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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