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Get 3 times the rally fun with the WRC Collection FIA World Rally Championship


Looking to get dirty? The WRC Collection on Xbox One promises to get you dirtier than ever as it brings together no less than three full on rally experiences.

Available right now on Xbox One is the WRC Collection FIA World Rally Championship. Usually priced at £74.99 (although a current price cut sees you being able to get it for £56.24), the Collection is a combination of WRC 5, WRC 6 and WRC 7, along with a whole ton of additional downloadable packs. Expect to get access to extra eSports, concept, Toyota and Porsche racing machines!

With WRC 5 kicking things off for Kylotonn Racing, as they attempted to portray the 2015 FIA Rally season, and then WRC 6 taking things on to the next level as Kylotonn introduced split screen racing and the inclusion of real scale Super Special Stages, the WRC series has pretty much gone from strength to strength. WRC 7 is the latest title in that line of rally games and it is promised to be even more realistic than ever before, delivering Epic Stages for even the most experienced gamers.

If you haven’t yet played any of the WRC titles, but fancy a new racer then this pack is a no-brainer. The Microsoft Store should be your next port of call. Don’t forget to check out our review of WRC 7 too.

Bundle Description:

Relive the last 3 seasons of World Rally Championship with the WRC Collection, which includes WRC 5, WRC 6, and WRC 7, as well as additional content. WRC 5  — First edition of the series reboot, produced by Kylotonn Racing Games, which portrays the 2015 season. Progressively learn the basics of rally driving with Rally School. WRC 6  — A new level of realism for the series is achieved with the integration of the real-scale Super Special Stages. WRC 6 also offers split-screen multiplayer for the first time. WRC 7  — Even more realistic, WRC 7 offers all the content of the 2017 season, most notably the new versions of the World Rally Cars which are markedly more powerful and agile than the previous generation. And with the addition of the Epic Stages, WRC 7 poses a real challenge, even for the most experienced players.

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