Get ready to tackle the elements – and other players – as you fight for the last remaining resources available in Vigor!

In 1991 nuclear war devastated Europe, and survivors were left to turn to Norway to make a final stand. With humanity in disarray and resources scarce, survivors have to fight over what’s left in order to survive. This is where you come in, taking on other players as well as environmental dangers as you scavenge resources to improve your shelter and survivability.

Vigor is battle royale with a difference; instead of trying to be the last player alive the aim is to gather resources on a map and escape before you are killed by other players. This in turn allows you to craft new items for your survivor or improve your shelter. Each map will be populated by 8-16 other players, but with no radar or any indication of where they might be you must strike out on your own and gather what you can whilst constantly watching your back.

The map is dotted with a variety of exits and leaves it up to you to decide when to leave a match, you can risk it all and hunt down every player to take all the resources for yourself or sneak in, grab what you need and get out as quickly as possible.

Once per round an air drop arrives containing valuable resources, however, the danger here will be high as players congregate. To make matters worse the one who collects the drop is located on everyone’s map so it becomes a race against the clock to get out.

Vigor is a game of risk and reward and one that many may find refreshing. Do you go for that air drop, or just sprint for the exit with the few resources you have? With a large variety of crafting options it can become addictive to hunt for those items that you need and Vigor does a great job of using its crafting mechanic as the crux of the game.

Vigor is available right now on Xbox One for £15.99. There is also a free trial available. Remember though, this is currently not the full release and as with any title that drops into Xbox Game Preview, it is liable to change at a moments notice. If you’re willing to take a chance on it though, helping to steer the development of the game in the right direction, then you’ll find the Xbox Store giving up a download for a little cash in return.

Will you be giving it a shot? Let us know down below.

Game description:

What if humanity falls? 1991. The nuclear war is over. Central Europe is devastated, Norway has become the last stand. You start as a nameless outlander, but who will you become? No time for uncertainty. Turn a shelter into your home. Fight, run or hide. Take risks, claim rewards. Survive this cut-throat experience. Vigor is an upcoming free-to-play shoot ‘n loot game where you must survive cut-throat encounters to build your very own Shelter amid post-war Norway, 1991. * Survive cut-throat encounters for 8-16 players * Claim precious resources and valuable rewards * Improve your safe shelter and vital equipment * Become the courageous Outlander in post-war Norway

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