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Togges may well look like your everyday 3D platformer, it may well have been inspired by your everyday 3D platformer and it may well play like your everyday 3D platformer, but Togges is different. Togges comes with a twist. It’s a brilliant one too. 

Available to purchase, download and enjoy right now, no matter whether you are running Xbox, PlayStation, PC or Nintendo Switch angles, Togges comes to the fore thanks to the Regular Studio and Thunderful teams. 

Billed as a colourful 3D stackformer, in Togges you take on the role of Toomba, a play on the usual Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. It’s up to you to take this little guy through a variety of worlds and stages, exploring the lands around you, overcoming challenges and hunting down secrets. Ultimately it’s the cosmos which you’ll be looking to harness – and you’ll get to do that thanks to the power of the Togge. 

Togges are living cubes, colourful little folk who like nothing more than to be stacked with their friends. In fact, a single Togge can do little, but together as an army, they can take over the world, helping Toomba dominate that universe. 

A variety of different coloured Togges come to the fore here, and whilst you’ll find love for the Red and Orange guys, Blues, Whites, Yellows and more will allow for various abilities to be utilised. 

“Togges is our tribute to the giants of the 3D platformer genre and we know fans like us are going to love it,” said game director Lucas Bonatti. “We’ve taken the charming worlds, fun puzzles and collectibles of those titles and given it our own twist with our unique “stackforming” mechanic. I can’t wait for people to start exploring today on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.” 

The key features of Togges include:

  • • Solve puzzles by spreading and stacking these cute blocks called Togges around the cosmos to save the galaxy from the threads of the void.
  • • Non-linear classic Collect-A-Thon 3D Platformer 7 massive levels, with close to 30 bonus levels Huge focus on exploration, with “Eureka!” moments of discovery
  • • A wide variety of lovely characters and funny stories
  • • Rich and vibrant emergent worlds full of creative gameplay mechanics • Dozens of hours of content within a rich sandbox experience
  • • Incredible gameplay, fascinating worlds!

We’ve been hands on with Togges for a little while already and have found it to be a hugely fun explore ’em up, one that has a surprisingly large amount of depth to it. Our full review is coming very soon but the fact you can find Togges included in our Up Next article for December, detailing it amongst the most exciting games to release on Xbox this month, should speak volumes.

In the meantime, you can get involved with the Togges by heading to the Xbox Store and grabbing an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S download. You’ll also find Togges messing around on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC – you should expect to pay around £16.99 for a copy of the game. 

Game Description:

A game unlike anything you’ve played before! Plunge into the colourful world of Togges. This unforgettable sandbox adventure is a combination of both something new and totally familiar.

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