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We’re big fans of Mad Fellows’ Aaero, the stunning light ribbon racer that burst onto the scene back in 2017. Now though you can grab it in the most definitive form, as the Aaero: Complete Edition blasts on to Xbox One.

Available to purchase and download right now from the Xbox Store, the Aaero: Complete Edition does as it says on the tin, delivering the complete package of Aaero goodies towards Xbox One gamers.

Priced up at £12.49, the Aaero: Complete Edition takes the base game – usual price £11.99 – and then throws in the 1000DaysWasted – Drum & Bass Pack, alongside the Monstercat Pack for good measure. Both of these are usually found sitting with £3.99 price tags attached so immediately you can see the benefit of purchasing the Complete Edition. But that’s not all, and to sweeten the deal even more Mad Fellows have also found it within themselves to include the Comet, Sol and Phaser ship skins as well, negating the need for Aaero enthusiasts to worry about individual purchase of those too.

This all ensures that the Aaero: Complete Edition is a hugely tempting proposition, pushing a brilliant base game along with all the DLC you could ever wish for. If you haven’t yet played the game then we urge you to give our review a shot, even more so should you have access to some ambient lighting options too – we found that Aaero and DreamScreen are a match made in heaven.

Do yourself a favour and enter the world of Aaero now, with the Aaero: Complete Edition.

Game Description:

Aaero: Complete Edition’ is the definitive Aaero experience. The bundle includes the ‘1000DaysWasted – Drum & Bass Pack’ and the ‘Monstercat Pack’ alongside the main game as well as the ‘Comet’, ‘Sol’ and ‘Phaser’ ship skins.

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