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The Dustoff series has previously seen us go on heli rescues, saving civilians from evil and ensuring that the world is kept safe. Now though, with Dustoff Z on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, we’re doing the same again – just this time we’re left pushing back the undead hordes.

Yep, going up against waves of zombies is nothing new in the gaming world, but that’s exactly what we’ll be doing with Dustoff Z. Coming from Invictus Games and the publishing team at Zordix, Dustoff Z will see us taking to the skies in all manner of weird contraptions, filling them with some of the finest – or not so finest – sharpshooters in the business in order to take down the zombies that are threatening to overcome the world.

Priced at £12.49, Dustoff Z delivers 30 odd main missions, a couple of fun little side options, and upgrade opportunities galore. See, with each stage you clear of the undead you’ll be rewarded with cold hard in-game cash – which can then be used to unlock and upgrade new crew members and a variety of weird helicopters. With weaponry galore attached to the likes of a police copter, a rickety old car, or even a school bus – all of which have rotors stuck to their lids – the mixing and matching that you employ could well be the difference between life and death.

Each and every one of these helicopters will come equipped with a winch too. Not only will you need to utilise this to clear paths for convoys, or throw explosives against old crumbling buildings, but taking the dead undead back to your base will give you the chance to analysis them. And remember, information is power.

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Our full review of Dustoff Z on Xbox One is live and ready for your perusal. Give it a read whilst you wait for download to complete from the store of your choosing – you should be finding the game available for purchase on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC right now.

Game Description:

Get those blades spinning and load up on guns and ammo, the time has come to rebuild humanity! Dustoff Z is a game about maneuvering combat-helicopters in one of the harshest weather conditions possible – A Zombie Apocalypse. Hire gunners to ride along and engage in a variety of missions such as rescue operations, convoy defense, and high-value target destruction. Train and improve a gallery of different shooters, as well as upgrade and maintain a bunch of different helicopters – all with their own unique playstyle. Use your chopper’s winch to interact with the environment. Pick up supply drops, place base defenses, bring back the largest zombies for analysis, or why not use a shipping container as a battle ram?


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