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Get yourself ready to face the Endless Dungeon as its unveiled for PC and consoles

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It’s been over four years since us Xbox folks had the opportunity to delve into the Endless Universe, with Dungeon of the Endless. Fortunately, the developers at Amplitude Studios revealed the next instalment for their series during The Game Awards and announced that Endless Dungeon is coming to PC and consoles. Whenever it’s set to arrive, you can expect a rogue-lite, twin-stick, tactical action game; one that’s going to see you partake in missions where repeated death is a given.

The next chapter in the lethal Endless Universe, Endless Dungeon, may or may not be a sequel, according to Amplitude Studios. But what we do know is that it will see you shipwrecked (again) on a mysterious space station, where you’ll need to recruit a team of heroes and protect your precious crystal against the never-ending incoming waves of monsters. Or – as is most likely to be the case – die trying, get reloaded, and then give it another bloody good go.

Here’s a proper run-down of what Endless Dungeon will bring upon its release:

  • A brand spankin’ new story in the Endless Universe: A space station that went to the dogs a long time ago. Some folks have been marooned here for decades—it’s up to you to figure out what’s happening, how (and if) you might get out…
  • Opening new doors for the rogue-lite genre: Behind every door is something that’s nasty, new, and different. But if you’ve got the right turrets, the right iron for the right target, well you might just live… to open the next door.
  • Recruit your suicide squad: Round up your posse from a roster of peculiar characters and see if you can get to the core of the station in one contiguous piece. Control the whole squad by your lonesome or test your survival skills with friends in multiplayer! 
  • Crystals are forever: You’re gonna mostly be concerned about the health of a rock. Which you’ll be carting with you along the way. Get ready to defend the crystal at all costs!

While no launch date is currently set, Endless Dungeon is heading to almost every modern platform imaginable – Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. We’ll be sure to loop you in when a release date is officially confirmed!

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