There is little doubt that the Xbox One X is one of the most exciting pieces of gaming tech to appear on many peoples wish lists this Christmas.

And already many retailers are tempting us to spend our cash on some great games for the console in a series of very generous offers.

So here is a look at those gaming offers that can help us all overlook the slightly alarming price tag of the Xbox One X.

The majority of the decent deals seem to be those that encourage you to buy the console by throwing in a few awesome games into the offer.

Currys have put on a very tempting bundle deal that throws in incredible games like Fallout 4, AssassinsCreed Origins, Forza Motorsport 7, and Doom, with a brand new Xbox One X for just £469.99.

This is only just £40 more than the price of the actual XBox One itself, and it would be a great introduction to all of the incredible features of whats been called the worlds most powerful console.

And football fans will be keen to head over to Very to see how they can pick up a new Xbox One X with FIFA 18 and a wireless controller for the not inconsiderable sum of £539.99.

However, if youve already got your hands on an Xbox One X, then there are still plenty of games that have seen their prices plummeting in the pre-Christmas rush.

AssassinsCreed Origins is one of the biggest games for the Xbox One X, and the ever-reliable GAME have recently knocked 25% off its retail price so that we can all enjoy the deluxe version of this action-adventure title for just £39.99.

And what better way to put the consoles Ultra HD graphics to the test than by picking up the ultra-cheap Halo Wars 2 at John Lewis for just £19.99.

Although there have been plenty of games confirmed for the Xbox One X, not all of them have been released just yet.

Thankfully there are now over 80 games that have been upgraded to match the consoles impressive specs. And with the console also featuring a HTML-5 compatible browser, we can all divert ourselves with some casino games at to pass the time whilst we wait for Crackdown 3 to be released next year.

Its the upcoming games that have the power to make the Xbox One X a true gaming success. We have already shown how we were impressed but not blown away by Microsofts console, and so the ability of these deals to tempt new customers to pickup the Xbox One X is going to be critical.

It remains to be seen how long retailers will hang on these impressive offers now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are out of the way. But seeing as you can still get a decent Xbox One S at half price at Tescos, its clear that Microsoft have started their Christmas campaign in style.

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