It must be said, Ubisoft aren’t ever going to let Wildlands disappear from our minds and today a new DLC pack has cropped up to tempt us in even further…even if it is something that was previously only available to those who pre-ordered.

Available right now is the Ghost Recon Wildlands – Peruvia Connection Pack, a DLC pack which was originally available only to those who pre-ordered the game. Now though, it gives us the chance to track and hunt down a new target, that of Mexican businesswoman, La Cabra. It’ll be up to you and the Ghosts to destroy all ties between Santa Blanca and the Peruvian Cartels across three exclusive missions up in the Bolivian Highlands.

If that wasn’t enough to get you tempted, the seven new Gear Patches and a set of XP Boosters should ensure the measly £3.99 price tag is seen as money well spent. Of course, if you’re a Season Pass holder for Wildlands, then you need not worry as the Peruvian Connection Pack is included in there.

The Xbox Games Store should be able to sort you out for the latest pack, whilst our full review of the game will tell you exactly why you should buy it.

DLC Description:

A sizeable chunk of Santa Blanca’s cocaine is coming from unknown route from Peru. A charismatic Mexican businesswoman named La Cabra will be your main target. Dig for intels, track down La Cabra and take down The Peruvian Connection.- Destroy the ties between Santa Blanca and Peruvian Cartels through 3 exclusives Missions in the Bolivian Highlands.- Get 7 Gear Patches to complete your gear set.- Unlock 3 XP Boosters to help you increase the amount of XP earned in the game.

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5 years ago

Love the game and while I understand done don’t, I have so much fun while playing solo or coop.

stylon (Steve)
stylon (Steve)
5 years ago

I’ll make a note to pick this up when I start playing Ghost Recon again. I never pre-ordered so missed out on this.