Some of you might be wondering what Gigantic is, and I would say a description of something massive. For those of you who aren’t interested in measurements, I would say it is a game with fantastic potential.

Currently available as an Xbox Game Preview title, the game comes to us from Motiga, an independent developer based in Washington. They’ve been working on Gigantic since 2012, and might I say the work shows!

gigantic 2

Gigantic is a MOBA that follows a motley crew of individuals, ranging anywhere from a Bipedal deer, all the way to a surviving War Machine. You fight to gain power for your guardian, whether it be from collecting orbs, or through killing enemy troops. You don’t have the little minions that spawn like most MOBAs. Instead, you have monsters which act like living towers, giving each a special buff. They can be upgraded to improve the buff they give, in turn upgrading their health and attack, making it harder to remove an enemy’s monster.

So, do you just gain power until your guardian is ready to hit a massive attack and chip the other guardian’s health down? No, it’s actually a lot harder than that. You have to deal the damage, and will have to do it within 20 seconds as your opponents converge on you. The damage you dish out will stay put, but it is easier to get the most health down, for the game can be quickly turned over and you could swiftly see yourself lose, even as you lead the opposing team with a massive amount of health.

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The reason for this is everyone is a balanced character that has strength and weaknesses. Sometimes it is better to let the tanks duke it out, but it wouldn’t make much sense if a rogue were able to stand a chance against a tank without some support to balance the scales. Since Gigantic has launched into the Open Beta, they’ve announced a Founder’s Pack, which runs for $40 USD and this unlocks all 16 of the current characters, so as to reduce the grind that would normally accompany them. It will also unlock two new characters once they are added into the game. It’s kinda like a Season Pass, but unlocking content that would otherwise take a while to get to. Each character included also has a special set of abilities that they can level up throughout the course of the match.

You get to upgrade each skill twice, going down one of two routes and can mix and match, so as to not lock you into the left or right tree. You do only get nine skill points, so you won’t be able to upgrade every skill, of which there are five. You will have to decide which one gets shafted, but that’s the bright side of it: you get to be almost at full strength in every match.

gigantic 3

That’s all there is to the gameplay, for now. There are still a lot of blanks in the menus that are present, and the game is far from being complete, but that’s the beauty of the Xbox Game Preview scheme – things will evolve over time. The one thing that I can say is pretty much complete is Motiga’s stylization of the game. The graphical appearance is absolutely astounding, looking a bit like a Pixar production after they had watched Spartacus a few thousand times.

And we most certainly are entertained!

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