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Not long now until we experience the advanced warfare available in the latest Call of Duty title. May as well go get the Season Pass then hadn’t we?

The answer to that question is obviously YES as the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Season Pass gives you access to four exciting content packs for one great price.

Delivering you new, innovative multiplayer content and then some, the Season Pass will give you instant access to ‘Atlas Gorge’, a bonus multiplayer map available at launch, early access to bonus DLC weapons and four epic DLC packs; Havoc, Ascendance, Supremacy and Reckoning over the coming months.

It all starts now. Don’t miss out!

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is out on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on Nov 3rd 2014.


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8 years ago

[…] the Season Pass for access to all four DLC packs. but before you do, have a little watch of the trailer below to […]

8 years ago

[…] The eagle eyed ones among you may have spied the addition of a Call of Duty live action trailer at the bottom of that list and the latest COD game is very much on the way. It may even be with us by the time you’ve read this article and will quite possibly be blowing you away as you continue to read. Whichever is the case, you won’t want to miss out on the Advanced Warfare celebrity filled live stream or indeed the content packed COD: AW Season Pass. […]