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How much freedom do you want in your videogames? How does full freedom with the opportunity to take in many possible endings sound? Far-Out on Xbox One has got your back.

Available to purchase and download from the Xbox Store right this minute, Far-Out on Xbox One comes about via the team at Escapism Softworks. But all you really need to know is that it arrives promising a proper old-skool gaming challenge – one in which there are no map arrows, and everything you do will be dictated by your own personal decisions.

Seeing you follow the lone survivor of Selene’s crew – one Zack Peterson – your time with this lab tech will see you attempting to uncover the secrets of the ship, why there is no crew, and exactly how to survive. To us it all sounds a bit Alien Isolation-y, and with the promise of some unique game mechanics, many surprises, and plenty of danger, the layman may well mistake it for that same premise. Who knows, some old Alien may be lurking on the ship too!

Features include:

  • Full freedom action, resulting in many possible endings.
  • Incredible music compositions that matches gameplay pace.
  • Immersive and interactive futuristic environment.
  • Hidden and unique game mechanics, surprises and danger.
  • High replayability level.
  • Random events.
  • Play to build your own story.
  • …and dozens of other things that you’ll have to discover on your own.

Should you wish to take on the challenge of Far-Out then you’ll want to be found heading to the Xbox Store immediately. A price tag of £12.49 makes it a pretty tempting prospect.

Keep an eye out for our review too – we’ll be sure to drop you some thoughts as soon as we can.

Game Description:

In this game you will face a really old-school challenge, no map arrows, no one will lead you and tell you what to do. This is a one-man show with full freedom action where you are able to do whatever you want to, but remember you need to survive! Follow the lone survivor of the Selene’s crew, regular lab technician Zack Paterson. He woke up somewhere, he wasn’t supposed to. Find out what happened to the ship, the crew, and how to survive. “You were lucky to stay alive, but will you survive?”

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