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GravaStar Alpha 65 Fast Charger Review


Should you like some quirk in your life, but still want your purchases to be of a decent quality, the team at GravaStar have your back. 

In recent times they’ve been the creators of some cracking, but seriously weird, pieces of kit, excelling in our opinion with the GravaStar Mars Pro Speaker; a portable Bluetooth speaker that is pretty much out of this world. We wouldn’t say no if someone chucked the GravaStar Sirius Pro buds our way either.

It is with that in which they are also looking to inject similar fun into the charging market. Yes, the charging market – something that may otherwise be seen as a bit of a boring, rather staid affair. They are doing it with the bonkers GravaStar Alpha 65 Fast Charger. 

gravastar alpha 65 review 1
GravaStar’s fast charger is certainly a weird thing

The GravaStar Alpha 65 Fast Charger is not exactly what we were expecting. And honestly, for that reason alone, we’ve been a little disappointed by it. That’s not because it doesn’t do as it says on the tin, and it’s certainly not because it refuses to toe the line in terms of what is usually expected of a charger. But because we come to this wanting more; we wanted the Alpha 65 to run more closely aligned to something like the UGREEN 145W 25000mAh Power Bank; something we could throw in a rucksack and head to the coffee shop, strutting around in style. But alas. 

Instead this is a wall charger, and frankly, it’s quite tricky to get too excited by one of those. Plugging into a socket of your choice, it sits in place, providing power to a couple of USB devices at once. There is nothing to really provide entertainment and little to get excited by. 

That’s a shame, because GravaStar products have previously come to market with fun right at the very core. Instead we get given a small unit, well designed, cleverly engineered, that just sits in place, hidden away, rarely ever looked at again. Thankfully it is happy and content to just deliver the power any user will ever need. 

Working better – and looking better – when plugged into a floor-based extension cord than a wall socket, the GravaStar Alpha 65 Fast Charger connects via the usual 3-pin UK socket (obviously if you are US or EU, that would change). Complete with iconic GravaStar mechanical, futuristic ‘Mecha’ design cues, there’s then slight movement allowed in the extendable legs and magnetically-attached antennae that are included on the Alpha 65. It’s those, along with the various colour schemes (we’ve been hands-on with the Dawn White version but there are also War-Damaged Yellow, Blaze Blue and a Limited Edition Crystal Blue also available) that attempt to make this stand out. 

gravastar alpha 65 review 2
Enough ports to cover your needs?

And there’s certainly no holding back in those designs. GravaStar have most definitely found a niche that they are looking to fill and continue to do that with the Alpha 65. Very well put together, hefty enough for the job, if you are interested in a charger that is of a very unique design, you won’t be disappointed. The only slight concern is found in how long the antennae will stay attached for. It’s about the only thing on the Alpha 65 that needs a bit of looking after. 

It’s when plugging in though that the GravaStar Alpha 65 Fast Charger comes to life. A couple of blue eyes light up as a power source is switched on, ensuring you know at all times when the Alpha 65 is alive and kicking. And from there it’s capable of pushing out plenty of juice too. Standard ports exist in the form of an 18W USB-A for your legacy devices, with that accompanied by a couple of USB-C ports. These run with 20W and 65W options – hence the name of the Alpha 65 – and are more than capable of dishing out the power you need for any device. We’ve been using the GravaStar Alpha 65 Fast Charger in conjunction with a variety of devices – phone, laptop, bike computer, headphones and earbuds – with all charged extremely quickly, with no fuss nor bother. 

You don’t need to worry about the Alpha 65 getting all hot under the collar either. GravaStar have included eight real-time protections into the device, including overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, overtemperature, overpower, under voltage, electrostatic, and anti-interference protection. Throw in the fact that this comes complete with a flame-retardant shell for safe charging and it should be capable of sorting your power supply needs going forward.

gravastar alpha 65 review 3
Power this little guy up

Really, it’s that no fuss, no bother mantra that we feel should be attached to the GravaStar Alpha 65 Fast Charger. Not as exciting in use as their previous products, you’ll not go too wrong with purchasing one of these for your charging needs. Yes, it does the job required of it, powering your devices from a wall charger with ease but we want a bit more quirk from GravaStar and their products. 

Huge thanks go out to GravaStar for providing us with the GravaStar Alpha 65 Fast Charger for review. Pick one up for yourself from GravaStar direct. You’re looking at a price of roughly $49.95. 

Neil Watton
Neil Wattonhttps://www.thexboxhub.com/
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