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The last few weeks have been good ones for Rocksmith fans, with Variety and 2000s Mix Song Packs providing more than a smattering to hits to the library. Well, now it’s time to focus our efforts in on just the one band again, with the brilliant Greta Van Fleet delivering a second song pack to the game.

The Greta Van Fleet Song Pack II for Rocksmith is now available for purchase and download, providing no less than three tunes from the band’s relatively short back catalogue, and following up on the first song pack that arrived last August. Leading the way is the stunning ‘When the Curtain Falls’, with the first single from the band’s debut 2018 album surely being something that many Rocksmith axe grinders will want to be able to nail.

Sitting pretty in that Greta Van Fleet Song Pack II content addition are the following tunes…

  • Edge of Darkness
  • You’re the One
  • When the Curtain Falls

As always, you’ll find that access to the above songs can be granted in a couple of ways. Firstly, nailing the full Song Pack will set you back £6.39 and is possibly the best way for fans of the band to go, whilst further to that anyone wishing to take a little punt on a new tune will probably be best served grabbing something individually. Yep, all three of the tracks listed above are also available as individual downloads, sitting with a £2.39 price tag attached.

in order to get involved in the Song Pack from Michigan’s finest, you’ll first need a copy of Rocksmith 2014 Edition or Rocksmith Remastered to hand, after which your favourite digital store will provide the goods. Us Xbox One and Xbox 360 rockers should pay the Xbox Store a visit, whilst those banging out the tunes on PS3 and PS4 will find the PlayStation equivalent more than willing.

For more info about Rocksmith, then make sure you check out our full review of the game.

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