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They’ve been sitting pretty as one of the opening acts on massive world tours by Taylor Swift, The Killers, and even Rihanna, but today we see HAIM hit the big time, with a Song Pack bringing together some of their most well-known tunes into the Rocksmith world. 

Este, Danielle, and Alana are the Los Angeles based pop rockers making up Haim, and today the three sisters are found coming together once more to ensure that some of their best tunes are provided to Rocksmith rockers on Xbox and PlayStation, with the latest DLC pack provided for the game. 

Priced up at £6.69, the Haim Song Pack for Rocksmith contains the following three tunes, covering a bit of everything that have made the sisters known around the globe… 

  • The Wire
  • Forever
  • Don’t Save Me

As you can see from the quality of the songs included this Haim Song Pack is bound to be a bit of a no-brainer for fans of the band, and anyone looking to enhance their guitar playing skills should be found heading to the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store in order to grab the full pack.

Nicely though those who are looking on in from the outside, intrigued by what Haim are able to deliver or not finding their wallet capable of going the whole hog will be delighted to hear that each of the tunes listed are also available for just £2.49 each. If The Wire, for instance, is one you wish to learn but you can happily leave the other two, then the option is there.

Furthermore, with a huge range of tunes available in the back catalogue for Rocksmith, with weekly drops having occurred since pretty much day dot, there really is no reason for anyone to be left wanting with what this brilliant guitar tutor delivers. Let us know exactly which of the packs you’ve been tempted by – the comments section is down below.

And if you wish to know more about Rocksmith, and how it is sold on the back of being the ‘fastest way to learn guitar’ then hit up our full review.

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