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When you manage to gather up ‘very positive’ reviews on Steam, you just know that a game is worth playing. And now that the absolutely stunning FAR: Lone Sails has arrived on Xbox One and PS4, there is zero reason for you not to be playing it.

Having released on Steam back in 2018, it is now time for FAR: Lone Sails to hop over the border and hit console gamers square in the face, with a release on Xbox One and PS4. Coming at you as a vehicle adventure game, in it you will need to navigate a unique vehicle across a dried out land, covering previous tracks of a civilization that once thrived.

As you may expect though, moving across this land isn’t totally straightforward and whilst you won’t need to worry about any zombies, enemies or oddities of the post-apocalyptic world you find yourself in, moving this hulk of a machine through natural hazards and obstacles will prove a troublesome test.

But hey, at least you’ll have fun doing it and with some seriously gorgeous visuals on display and a hugely atmospheric adventure in front of you, FAR: Lone Sails promises to be one of ‘those games’ that you just can’t ignore.

Key features include:

  • Master your vessel: Maintain and upgrade your vehicle to overcome numerous obstacles and natural hazards.
  • Discover a unique world: Explore a desolate dried-out seabed, follow the trails of your people and find relics and buildings, that tell the story of a civilization on the run.
  • Experience an atmospheric journey: Let the sky full of clouds pass by and heed the wind that drives your sails towards the horizon.
  • A Zombie-free Post-Apocalypse: It’s just you and your machine vs. the big nothing

Our full review of FAR: Lone Sails on Xbox One is coming real soon and we really don’t think you will want to miss it! Keep a beady eye out for its arrival, but in the meantime, just go out and buy FAR: Lone Sails right now. The Xbox Store will sort out all the Xbox One players, whilst the PlayStation Store will happily provide a download for those on PS4. You’re looking at a £12.49 price – although a special launch discount is initially in place.

Game Description:

FAR: Lone Sails is a vehicle adventure game. In a unique vehicle you travel across a dried-out ocean following the tracks of a once thriving civilization. Through an array of roadblocks and through hazardous weather you need to keep your vessel going. Where will this journey take you? Are you the last of your kind?

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