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The more Peppa Pig in the world, the better, and whilst we may not be the main target audience of My Friend Peppa Pig, we fully appreciate that there is one – the Peppa train continues to run at full speed ahead, with little sign of stopping. We found that the base game of My Friend Peppa Pig was a fairly decent option for the younger ones in the gaming world too, coming across exactly like a Peppa cartoon and appealing massively to fans of the franchise. Now though that base game expands, sending the kids off on some Pirate Adventures. 

Available to purchase, download and add into your My Friend Peppa Pig game is the Pirate Adventures expansion. This builds out the Peppa game as fans are allowed the opportunity to set sail on a new special pirate adventure. It sees you boarding Captain Hog’s boat as you travel to new locations and hunt down hidden secrets – like the finest of pirates. 

Priced at £4.99, My Friend Peppa Pig: Pirate Adventures is a fairly cheap addition and whilst Treasure Island will be the main focus of efforts, players will also be able to head to Molly Mole’s underground burrow, enjoy themselves at Danny Dog’s birthday party and scoff down some brekkie at Belinda Bear’s gaff. 

In all, the Pirate Adventures add-on throws out more than thirty new interactions for Peppa fans to enjoy, with new places, faces and adventures to take in. 

You’ll find the My Friend Peppa Pig: Pirate Adventures download over at the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You should also be finding it on PlayStation, Switch, Stadia and PC too. 


DLC Description:

More of your favourite characters are coming to Peppa’s world – and they have exciting adventures to share with you! So open the door to new places, new faces, and more ways to play in My Friend Peppa Pig: Pirate Adventures. Let’s set sail on this very special pirate adventure where you can ride aboard Captain Hog’s boat and hunt for hidden treasure! Explore new locations such as Molly Mole’s underground burrow, or visit Belinda Bear’s house for breakfast! There’s a whole world of new stories to experience, from dancing at Danny Dog’s birthday party to play pretend on Treasure Island! Along the way, you can try activities like hula hooping, flying a kite, raising a pirate flag, talking with Polly Parrot, and over 30 more new interactions. Your adventure awaits – what will you and Peppa Pig do next?

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