Like potatoes? You’ll love the free DLC packs for Real Farm on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Whilst the UK may currently be covered in a blanket of the white stuff, the farming community are well known for being pretty hardcore – they certainly won’t let a bit of snow get in the way of a hard day’s work. But if you prefer to play out your farming dreams in the virtual world, then Real Farm is as good a shot as any. And it’s great to see that today we are getting treated to a couple of pieces of DLC… and they are free to download. At least initially.

The first two Real Farm DLC packs are now ripe for harvest as SOEDESCO release the Potato Pack and the Grünes Tal Map. Should you have already jumped in and owned the Real Farm base game then you’ll find that the DLC is completely free of charge on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. If you don’t grab it within 7 days of this launch, then £8.99 will be required for the map. It’s a well known fact that potatoes are free forever though!

DLC Description:

The world of Real Farm expands! Dive into the brand new map ‘Grünes Tal’. Immerse yourself in this West European inspired environment, complete with lush forests, verdant hills and picturesque towns. Start out in Grünes Tal with a brand new vehicle to drive: the Ebon Sports UV and get ready for your new adventure! Complete new jobs, visit new locations and join the new community of farmers. Begin your journey with an established farm in free mode or work your way up from nothing in career mode, it’s all possible in Grünes Tal! It’s time to expand the Real Farm experience with the Potato Pack! This pack offers everything you need to farm potatoes with new machinery and vehicles. Complete tons of new jobs and become a true potato farmer! ● Grow a brand new crop: potatoes! ● Operate 2 new harvesters: the Rival PH-4 and the Rival PH-4X ● Utilize 5 new attachments to plant, cultivate and harvest your new potato fields ● Drive 3 new fun vehicles, the Ebon Q-Bike, the Hercules S-GT and the Ebon SUV.

If you wish to know more about Real Farm, then you can find out everything you’ll ever need to know about farming by reading our full review. Once you have, then hit the links above and get yourself over to a digital store near you – in our case, the Microsoft Store – in order to pick up the DLC.

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