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Ratalaika Games have, over the past few years, made a name for themselves in the Xbox and achievement hunting communities. Thanks largely in part to their cheap games and very easy completions. HellGunner, out today on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, is their latest offering. But it does come with a very minor caveat: unlike many other Ratalaika Games ports, this one does require you to actually complete the game for the full 1000G.

HellGunner is the very definition of run ‘n’ gun. In a plot that will surprise no-one, a deadly virus has turned the majority of the population into mindless zombies. Responsibility falls to you – and with a friend in local co-op – to shoot anything that moves across 20 levels. Each area features a boss to defeat too that ranges from tanks to trains. Whether these are demonically possessed like the vehicles in Devil May Cry remains to be seen.

Thankfully, the zombies in HellGunner aren’t of the scary variety, and there is no blood or guts spilling out of enemies when shot. That means HellGunner can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages.

HellGunner also features:

  • 2D shooting gameplay
  • Challenging bosses
  • Single player or local co-op multiplayer
  • 20 levels
  • Fun pixel art style

HellGunner is on the Xbox Store now priced at £4.99. There is an introductory discount also available dropping the price down to £3.99 for a limited time. We will have a review coming soon, so stay tuned.

Game description

Jump into HellGunner and get ready to shoot zombies, monsters, and more. Explore massive 2d maps, shoot down enemy combatants, and blast your way through 20 levels. Can you take down the tough boss at the end of each area? If playing alone isn’t awesome enough, you can also team up with a friend for double the mayhem. If you enjoy fast-action full of fun and intensity, then HellGunner is gonna be a thrill to play!

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