Good afternoon agents. Your task is simple. The 23rd entry to the list of Elusive Targets has made an appearance.

For the next 264 hours your latest target, Kieran Hudson, a.k.a The Paparazzo, will be in Paris, and according to sources within the ICA he will be hot on the trail of world renowned fashion designer Sebastien Sato. The Paparazzo is a controversial tabloid journalist, and one who has deeply affected the career and personal life of the client requesting your services with various smear articles and a some particularly destructive rumours that have been published across world news and social media.

The Paparazzo will most certainly be trying to get close to Sato during his visit, with the intention of an interview or to take photographs of him. World attention will be on the fashion show being held in Paris, meaning security will be high at all times, making elimination of the target difficult. That is why this contract is being handed to you.

It is important to note that Elusive Targets offer a one-time attempt to take down the target, there will be no retries and failure to kill the target will result in them escaping for good.

As you will be aware, Intel for this mission will be limited, and the exact location of the target is unknown, so plan carefully.

Those looking to jump into the latest in Hitman’s live content can do so now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with The Paparazzo available to all players until April 18th 2017.

So, with your mission confirmed, it’s time to head to Paris.

Good Luck Agents.

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