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The weekend is fast approaching and there is little better to look forward to in life than some new tracks being added to the Rock Band 4 library. This week we see a trio of tunes arrive for purchase, with All That Remains leading the way with the brilliant, Hold On.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and PS4, the latest Rock Band 4 content will most certainly appeal to the rockers out there, with the introduction of 3 tracks from 3 different American bands being dropped into the game. Priced up from £1.19 are the following tunes…

  • “Hold On” – All That Remains (£1.59)
  • “Harmony Hall” – Vampire Weekend
  • “The Gun Show” – In This Moment (£1.59)

If you like to kick back at the weekends with a bit of All That Remains, think that the recently released Harmony Hall from Vampire Weekend is a bit of a corker, or want to get the band back together for The Gun Show, then you can now do just that.

Each of the tracks are available from the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store, sorting out rockers no matter whether they are delving into the Rock Band 4 delights on Xbox One or PS4. Just pop on over to your preferred choice, stump up the cash and find the tunes magically making their way to your game.

Of course, if this little selection of musical melodies isn’t to your liking, then dipping into the huge back catalogue may be another way of seeing new tunes come your way. Whatever you do, let us know how you proceed by posting in the comments.

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