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Holy smokes – the Fortnite Batman Caped Crusader DLC is now available

fortnite batman dlc

Ready to activate the bat-signal high above Fortnite town? The Caped Crusader has joined the ultimate fight with the Fortnite – Batman Caped Crusader Pack.

Available to purchase and download right this very minute, the Fortnite – Batman Caped Crusader Pack is the latest addition to the ever-increasing Fortnite battle pack, with Gotham’s finest joining the Fortnite fray with a couple of new outfits, back blings, glider and pickaxe included.

Delivered to the online world with a price point of £15.99 attached, the Batman Caped Crusader DLC for Fortnite may seem to be a little on the expensive side, but when you combine the two forces of good together as one, it’s easy to see why and how this latest downloadable content pack is appealing.

So what do you get? Well, available across the Battle Royale and Creative modes only – you know, the only two modes that really matter in Fortnite – the Batman Caped Crusade DLC brings both the Batman Comic Book Outfit and that from the Dark Knight Movie, whilst also delivering a couple of Back Blings from the two sources.

Further to that though is the Batman Pickaxe and Batwing Glider – and let’s be honest, gliding through the world of Fortnite as the Bat is quite possibly the most interesting part of the entire thing.

To get access to the Fortnite – Batman Caped Crusader DLC then you’ll just need to visit your usual digital store. For us Xbox One gamers that obviously means hitting up the Xbox Store.

Let us know if you decide to grab it.

DLC Description:

Activate the bat-signal! The Caped Crusader has joined the fight. Includes the following cosmetics (in Battle Royale & Creative only): – Batman Comic Book Outfit – Batman Comic Book Cape Back Bling – The Dark Knight Movie Outfit – The Dark Knight Movie Cloak Back Bling – Batman Pickaxe – Batwing Glider Note: Items do not transfer between Battle Royale and Save the World.

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