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How to Level up your Xbox Series X: Amazing Console Tips


If you own this fantastic new home video game console, the Xbox Series X, we have some handy tips to help you make the most out of it. The console comes with powerful hardware, great games, and a fantastic performance. The best thing is that if you are familiar with Xbox one, Xbox series X will be a walk in the park. They have a similar user interface and will automatically sync once you set up the new console.

1. Use the Xbox Mobile App

It should take less than ten minutes to set up the gaming console, but the process can be pretty tedious if set up from the console. Remember, the Xbox Series X controller is not easy to type on, bearing in mind you have to input several 2FA codes, usernames, and passwords during the setup. Xbox series X mobile app is available for iOS or Android devices. It allows you to key in your login credentials, verifies your Xbox account, and finally scans the QR code on the console.

The mobile app helps you organize and manage your game library, making it easier to play mobile casino games on your mobile device. Mobile casino games might not be the most popular games within the Xbox collection, but there is undoubtedly an open market for slots, baccarat, and poker.

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2. Change the Default Home Screen

The home screen can brighten your console a little bit compared to the usual default screen. Press the view button on the home screen, and customize setting appears. The settings allow you to play around with the preferred order, screen default colors, great backgrounds, and unique themes. The theme and motion settings option gives you multiple theme customizations, including light and dark themes and changing themes at different times. 

3. Download your Favorites

Xbox series X can be confusing because it doesn’t open up the game’s library on start-up. If it’s your first time, the console will display your recently used apps which are likely to be empty if it’s new. From the controller, press the Xbox button to bring up My Games and Apps, and from this view, select Full Library. It’s now time to download all your favorite games from Xbox one or titles and any favorite options you bought digitally from the original Xbox or Xbox 360. 

4. Try Xbox Game Pass

You might prefer owning gaming products to renting, but the Xbox Game Pass subscription is on another level. The subscription package includes Xbox live Gold and more than 100 high-quality console and PC games. The Game Pass continuously adds more games; you will never lack anything new at any time. The Xbox Game Pass also guarantees you access to first-party Microsoft titles as soon as they are released. The Ultimate Game Pass subscription allows you to play games both on the PC and any Android device. 

5. Xbox Power Management

The Xbox Series X has an instant power on option and can resume game downloads and install game updates remotely. The USB port charges any gadget plugged in once the console powers on. The power function can save you a lot of time and unnecessarily consume a lot of power and increase your utility bills. It’s therefore essential to fine-tune the power settings through the settings menu and set the console to shut down completely, including the sync between the Xbox and your TV. 

6. Xbox Smart Delivery

Xbox series X allows its users to upgrade Xbox one games at no extra charge automatically. The new technology dubbed ‘smart delivery’ allows the users to have the latest version of a particular game at all times regardless of the hardware you play it on. The technology means that all Xbox games will be compatible with all Xbox consoles, whether you upgrade or downgrade the console. 

7. Use Old Xbox Accessories

Xbox Series X works well with any Xbox one accessory. The accessories have an identical Xbox protocol. You can bring up an Xbox one accessory and enjoy a new gaming experience with the Xbox Series X. It’s also possible to link old Xbox one controllers with new consoles. Just hold down the small button next to the new console’s USB port till the power button flashes, then hold down the circular button on the Xbox one controller till the Xbox button flashes. Once the flashing stops, these devices are in sync. 

TXH loves nothing more than kicking back at the end of the day, controller in hand, shooting the hell out of strangers via Xbox Live.

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