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HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset for Xbox One and Windows Review


From the stupidly expensive, to the downright cheap, there are a whole ton of headsets aimed at the Xbox One market. With full wireless support, interchangeable cups, premium builds and detachable mics, the world is your oyster, with little chance of not being able to find one that suits your needs.

Now though, there’s a new headset on the market. The HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset for Xbox One and Windows is solidly placed in the midfield pack, comes with a detachable mic and the option to switch out ear cups from one to another. But is it any good?

Well, it ain’t bad you know.

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Construction wise, and the CloudX is solid, well built and of a decent weight. In fact, with them coming in at just a smidgen over 300g, are one of the lightest headsets I’ve recently used – although are not quite as lightweight as the official Xbox One stereo headset. The aluminium frame has some stunning design cues and works brilliantly with the black memory foam leatherette headband and ear cups. With a silver/grey HyperX logo on the back of each cup and lovely stitching in the same colour across the top of the headband, they won’t blow you away aesthetically, but you’ll be more than happy to see – and feel – them sitting atop your head.

As you would expect, there is the option to adjust the size of the CloudX headset’s aluminium frame, so whether you come fitted with a large bonce on your shoulders, or a small delicate cranium, should see them fitting well. Once you’ve got them attached to your ears, the fit is tight (in fact, much tighter than other headsets I’ve recently used) but that in turn sees very little audio leakage. I can quite happily sit with the CloudX’s pumped up to full volume, for hours on end with no issues – something which is key to a good gaming session. With either a game running or seeing them attached to my laptop whilst I listen to some hardcore punk, with others in the room, I have yet to hear a complaint about the volume.

Should you not like the styling, particularly of the fully black ear cups, you can switch them out for a velour set that come with green inserts. You’re not going to find magnetic switch points like you may do on a more expensive headset, and if I’m honest, switching between cup types is a bit of a pain, as you need to slot a flimsy holder into a narrow channel. But once you get the hang of it, it isn’t too bad. I have to admit to not really being entirely sure what the second set of cups bring to the table, as whilst they are obviously a little better for real long term comfort – and should stop your ears sweating when you’re piling into a hot evening session – without the leatherette padding, they see a bigger sound leakage to the outside world.

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If you’re one of those who take your gaming sessions online, then you should be more than happy with what the CloudX brings. Clarity within party chats and in-game is high and there is little to complain about, with party members hearing my dulcet tones as clear as day. It would be nice to have some form of puck adapter that allows for an easier way to mix up the volume between voice and game audio though, as personally I find having to drop in and out of the audio settings tab on the console a pain. The included inline volume switch with mute slider is simple to use, but it doesn’t allow the option to mix the two volumes. It does the job asked of it well enough though.

The uni-directional noise-cancelling detachable mic is also well positioned and highly flexible. I’ve had no issues from friends or strangers online complaining about the sound of my voice and there seems to be little difference between using the CloudX and any other headset that produces a good quality chat experience. The main boom is a good length but the bulbous end is a little large. Granted, it’s not going to be sitting in your eye line very often, but I’d have liked to have seen a mic end that was half the size. There is also a handy little slot cover for those times when you don’t need the mic attached, but if there were ever a piece that is going to get lost, that is it.

Unless of course you utilise the brilliantly textured hard shell case that comes with the CloudX. Zippered to ensure nothing escapes, the headset, mic and additional 2M PC extension cable with both mic and headset jack all fit in tightly and snugly. You can be sure that should you be using the case whilst you are out on your travels, the headset will be fine and dandy with no chance of coming to harm. A handy carrying band sits atop the case as well, so handling it is no issue.

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If you’re not bothered about party chat, and just want to hear everything that the game developers have lovingly included in their latest title, then I can’t fault the CloudX. The 53mm drivers ensure crisp, clear and loud gameplay audio is delivered to your primary senses at all times and even whilst using the headset to make and receive phone calls via a mobile, conversations are clear and well defined.

You see, I very much like the HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset for Xbox One and Windows. It sounds great and with next to no leakage, allows me to game away in my own little world without a care. I’d like the mic boom to be smaller, and I’d like the wires that run around the bottom of the frame to be better hidden. Swivelling cups would also be handy for those times when you need a bit of a rest, but other than that, all is good and for the mid-range price point, come highly recommended.

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