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Are you ready to dive straight in to a thrilling story that has been inspired by The Thing? Buried in Ice is on its way and it’ll be coming to PC and console.

In creation by those at Liquid Engine Development, Buried in Ice will drop you into the silent, snowy desert of Antarctica, left as the sole survivor of a US base. Alone, scared and accused of destroying the facility and killing all the crew, you’ll be tasked with going up against a threat that’s larger than humankind. The problem is, in the frozen wastelands, no one will hear you scream.

A survival-RPG-horror mix, in Buried in Ice you need to survive at all costs otherwise the only secrets you know will be hidden in ice forevermore, leaving humankind with no future. You need to stay warm, need to find enough gas to maintain power and heat, need food that’s not contaminated by an unwelcomed “guest” – and you desperately need to find or make a weapon. Along with your physical health, you also need to take care of your mental health and that of your other crew members. Too much stress can make you crack and will result in violent behaviour, like attacking other team members, destroying key equipment, or even committing suicide.

Every decision will be vital to achieving the goal of surviving and either killing that which is hunting you or, if you’re unable to, escaping. How you go about achieving either of those goals is up to you – will you act immorally and kill everyone for the sake of your own survival, or try to save them all, which might be more difficult, but at the same time, good relationships, teamwork, wise decisions, and charisma can sometimes produce better results than a gun. Whatever you do, you’ll need to be smart about it, and quick. Very quick.

In Buried in Ice you will:

  • Remember that team play is the key to success. Staying together means staying alive. If you‘re alone for too long, it will bring an end to your story.
  • Survive in the most unfriendly environment on Earth. Remember that hunger, cold, stress, or contamination can be as fatal as the THING that’s hunting you.
  • Test your moral boundaries. Co-operate with other members of the team, help them survive or steal, cheat, run away, destroy, and kill. It’s up to you how this story will end.
  • Trust no one. Teamwork might be the only key to survival, but at the same time, you’ll never be sure who remained human and who was already possessed by the THING.
  • Remember that time is running out. Try to either escape or kill the THING as soon as possible because if you happen to become the last one standing, it may mean that you’re not human anymore…

We’ll keep you fully updated as to any Buried in Ice progress as the weeks and months advance. If you’re keen on what it promises then head over to Steam and wishlist it, but you should expect to see this on console too. What console? Well, nothing confirmed but we’d hazard a guess at Xbox One and Xbox Series X being right up there.

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