white reaper

If you’re after something raw, something energetic, and something new to ensure you can get the band back together again then heading back into Rock Band 4 with the latest set of DLC additions could well be the best course of action – for it delivers not just a couple of great bands, but a good old smattering of garage rock in the process.

In place and ready to download into Rock Band 4 this very minute are two new garage rock classics, with White Reaper and Hushpuppies providing the tunes and lyrics.

Sitting in place with individual price points, we find the following songs now present in the Rock Band 4 library…

As always you’ll have to have the base game of Rock Band 4 on either Xbox One or PS4 in place in order to even bother considering a purchase of these latest downloadable content additions, but should you be a lone player, or part of a band looking to go places, then heading over to the usual Xbox Store and PlayStation Stores will see you right.

If you are a bit of a sucker for some garage rock or are a fan of either White Reaper or Hushpuppies, then you’ll be sorted with these add-ons. Those preferring other musical genres, styles, types and tempos will also be happy to hear that the Rock Band 4 library is one of vast wealth, with a whole ton of content additions having hit home over the weeks and months. Check out the most recent inclusions here, and let us know in the comments or via the usual social channels what you decide to run with. Perhaps you prefer the rock goodness of Rocksmith Remastered to what Rock Band delivers? Whatever, we want to hear from you!

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