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Remember Rush Hour? No, not the film, the fun little time-wasting board game that had you attempting to manoeuvre a little red car through a packed parking lot? Well, DillyFrame Games have decided to take that premise and convert it to the video gaming scene with Bunny Parking on Xbox One. All while throwing in some fun little extras and a bunny-fuelled theme too.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Bunny Parking is certainly something of a unique premise, mixing rabbits, puzzles, and a little bit of weirdness together to create a cheap and cheerful little game.

Priced at just £4.99, Bunny Parking’s main focus is on completing puzzles, as you take charge of a little rabbit and kick a red car through the parking lot. The problem is there are a whole host of other cars in the way and only be pushing them out of the way will you find success. With the city itself surrounded by the Great Carrot Wall, this is easier said then done and much like the puzzle game it has been inspired by, much toing and froing will take place here.

With multiple stages of difficulty splitting more than 300 levels, there’s certainly a huge array of content included in Bunny Parking on Xbox One, and for the price, it’s seemingly a bit of a no-brainer.

But not content with just allowing us to mess around with puzzles, DillyFrame have let their imaginations run wild too, with a variety of fun little mini-games and objectives. Attached to the Xbox One achievements system, if you’re a Gamerscore hunter then Bunny Parking is going to be for you, as you kick your way through a carrot farm, pay your respects to the bunny lords, go swimming in the river, play a game of football and jump on the roofs of those cars which haven’t got stuck in the city car park. With a fairly easy 1000 Gamerscore on the table for anyone wishing to drop their £5, anyone interested in points scoring would do well to check this out. And what’s more, there’s online multiplayer action to enjoy too.

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As always our review of Bunny Parking on Xbox One will be able to let you know how good – or bad – the game is as an overall experience. It’s well worth a read, especially if you like bunnies.

If you wish to take a punt though the Xbox Store will sort you out with a download.

Game Description:

The city, surrounded by the Great Carrot Wall, is only rumored about it. Some cars that dared to drive through it are stuck forever in the parking lot. And then the residents of the city come to the rescue – Bunnies. Play alone or with friends in cooperative mode, helping the car get out of the parking lot, remove badly parked cars which blocks your way. To move the car you will have to kick it. Become a great savior! Entertainment: In the city, apart from you, the parking bunny, there also live other bunnies: bunny-gardeners, bunny-shamans.The task of gardeners is to protect the carrot fields, and the shamans – to support the portals of entry and exit with the help of carrots. Get carrots, donate it to the shaman and get a temporary buff Explore the environment to find more secrets. Play in the playground for fun together with your friend: football, trampoline, seasaw


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