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We’ve been looking forward to seeing Jet Car Stunts drop on Xbox for a little while and whilst the Xbox One version is still to come, things are looking good on Xbox 360.

So jump in your Jet Car and get ready to race as fast as you can whilst experiencing stunts like never before. For £5.59 it promises to be a little gem of a game.

If you’d like to know more about the game, why not check out our exclusive Q&A interview with Grip Games, the guys behind Jet Car Stunts.

Game Description:

Race as fast as possible, master the most difficult stunts and drive the Jet Cars like no other! Jet Car Stunts is a different breed of racing game and a remake of the iOS game of the same name. Master difficult stunts, set the fastest times and let your Jet Car Stunts skills shine. Are you good enough to master all the tracks with elegance or will you get left behind?

Jet Car Stunts is available right now for Xbox 360 either directly via the Store tab on your console or by hitting this conveniently placed link to the Xbox Games Store.

Get to it and let us know what you think!

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