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Join the Void Riders with the first expansion for OlliOlli World


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There are plenty of skateboarding games available on PC and console, with the likes of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, SKATE, Session, Skate City and even the wacky SkateBIRD all giving players the chance to flip and trick their way to glory. Few of those do the job as well as OlliOlli World though – a game that we absolutely adore. Today the first expansion expands the OlliOlli World, as we go and join the Void Riders. 

Entering the alien zone of the V.O.I.D., Void Riders is the first of a couple of planned expansions for OlliOlli World, bringing an all ton of madness to the base game. You see, as you find yourself navigating the world of Radlandia, you fast find yourself being swept upwards, whipped up by an alien abduction. From there, a whole new world of challenge awaits – as does new gear – as you attempt to showcase your skating skills to your new Nebulord overlord. 

Expect to take in the worlds of a snowed-in Cloverbrook, grind the eerie Sunshine Valley, and visit the storming Burntrock.

“OlliOlli World has always been a game that celebrates weird and quirky characters, and we are so excited to double down in this latest expansion as we are pulling in ideas that are literally out of this world” said John Ribbins, Studio Creative Director at Roll7. “These intrepid space explorers have arrived to enlist your help, so it is time again to break out the board, bust high scores, and earn some all-new gear that perfectly reflects your star bound style.”

“In a game where you have talking frogs, ice cream people, and inner tubing bears, it seems like it can’t get any weirder. But Roll7 managed to top it as you’ll meet face-melting aliens, leverage levitation forces, and put your skate wizard skills to the test” said Mika Kurosawa, Senior Producer at Private Division. “We cannot wait for players to drop into OlliOlli World: VOID Riders, the first of two great expansions we have planned for the game.”

Key features include:

  • ● Enter the V.O.I.D.: Ollie through a variety of levels with your otherworldly companions and experience an all-new side of Sunshine Valley, Cloverbrook, and Burntrock. While your alien cohort retrieves skate specimens (and cows), endure the obstacles ahead to unlock the VOID Riders’ home planet: V.O.I.D.
  • ● UFO Sighting: “Defying gravity” takes on a whole new meaning in VOID Riders. Encounter massive beams of light lifting up everything in their path…including you! Take your tricks to the next level and grip your board before hitting the tractor beam. If you succeed, you’ll be able to use anti-gravity to your advantage to perform even more steezy tricks. Missing those opportunities could risk a crash landing like none other. Up for the challenge?
  • ● Extradimensional Expression: Show your true self with out of this world looks, including everything from alien streetwear to a cow onesie. There are lots of all-new customizations available to transcend your personal sci-fi style with unique outfits, fresh emotes, and slick tricks.

It’s available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, either as a standalone DLC purchase for around £9.99 (£7.99 from the Xbox Store), or included in the OlliOlli World Rad Edition and Expansion Pass. It’s those latter options which are probably the best calls, as not only will you gain access to the Void Riders right now, but a second expansion due in Fall 2022 is also promised. And honestly, the more content available and to hand for OlliOlli World, the better. 

Pop over to your favoured digital store and nab the Void Riders expansion for OlliOlli World today. 

DLC Description:

Skate me to your leader – the VOID Riders have landed in OlliOlli World’s first expansion! Extra steezy extraterrestrials – Sair’Rah, Khehvyn, and Pftangxi – have arrived in Radlandia, intent on acquiring skate specimens for the mighty Nebulord. OlliOlli World: VOID Riders brings a brave new world of challenges and space-age gear as you prepare to enter and explore an alien biome: the V.O.I.D. Feel the flow as you trek across the snowed-in Cloverbrook, grind the eerie Sunshine Valley, and visit storming Burntrock. While traversing Radlandia, find yourself swept up in alien abduction with the new tractor beam mechanic. Stick the landing and impress Nebulord with your extraterrestrially-inspired style and you may just find yourself in favor to become his favorite skate alien! Kick-flip into the raddest reaches of space in OlliOlli World’s next out of this world adventure. VOID Riders is the first of two expansions for the critically acclaimed game OlliOlli World, created by the BAFTA and multi-award-winning studio Roll7.

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