Blood Bowl 2 is just matter of days away, and today the last video showing off the game has been released. Are you ready to check out the Orcs and High Elves?

Arriving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC from Sept 22nd 2015, Blood Bowl 2 brings togehter the world of American football and the fantasy of Warhammer in what could quite possibly be the goriest sport ever!

The video below shows off two teams that have absolutely nothing in common. The Orc teams are well protected with high armour, but whilst they no match for the versatile Humans, there is still plenty of variety in their game.

The High Elves however have an unlimited pot of cash, giving them the chance to afford better armour than most other teams. With first class passers and catchers, distraction is the name of the game as luring opponents in and then sending a long ball down the opposite side of the field will ensure victory.

Have a watch of the video below and prepare yourself for the ultimate blood sport!



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