Remember Wales Interactive’s ambitious attempt at their FMV crime thriller, Late Shift? Well now they’re creating history on Mixer by making the most of the interactive features of the streaming platform.

The entire audience can take control via a voting process when hosts decide to stream the award-winning Late Shift, with choices having consequences from the very beginning of the thriller, right up until the end. A seemingly small decision could change the final outcome in what’s basically choose-your-own-adventure style gameplay, with storylines that adapt, leading to one of seven different conclusions. Considering there are over 180 decisions to be made, there’s plenty of audience participation to be had, and whilst the host can vote on what happens too, you mustn’t forget that it’s a majority rules type scenario.

Anyone can access the Mixer interactive feature from the main menu of Late Shift from today – as long as you own the game on Xbox One or PC of course. So, what are you waiting for? Give your audience the power and control to guide the live-action movie in any direction they wish it to go.

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