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Warhammer and American football are crossing over with the release of Blood Bowl 2. Want to check out the latest trailer?

Releasing on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on Sept 22nd 2015, the overview trailer below shows off the 8 races and many of the features which will be available to players. Keeping the essence of what made the original game such a success, and adding loads of new features, the stunning visuals, a story-driven campaign, race-specific AI, enhanced realization, a new race, stadium evolution, and improved online mode with player marketplace can all be seen. The FIFA Ultimate Team style player marketplace looks sure to be a big hit with many.

Additionally, if you pre-order the game, the UK market will see different races appearing on each format. Details as follows…

  • Xbox One players will get an additional race – the Wood Elves – when pre-ordering the game. They come with their own AI, design and players: Passers, Wardancers, Catchers, Linemen and the violent Treeman. They also bring their own star players: Dolfar Longstride and Jordell Freshbreeze!
  • PlayStation 4 players will get an additional race – the Lizardmen. They come with their own AI, design and players: Skinks, Saurus and Kroxigors. They also host their own Star Players: Slibli and Hemlock!
  • PC players pre-ordering Blood Bowl 2 on Steam will be able to pick one of the two races mentioned above and will also be granted access to the Multiplayer Beta a few weeks before release. That’ll be the perfect opportunity to test the different teams and also share their feedback with the dev team.


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