The post-apocalyptic world of free-to-play MMO action game Crossout has received an update which adds new game modes and aims to make enemy A.I.  smarter. The wastelands have never been so appealing, so let’s see exactly what’s in the new update.

First of all, there’s a brand new PvP mode called “Bedlam” and here respawns are unlimited as players put their constructions to the test against other players. You’ll quickly realise what parts of your ride works and these unforgiving battles will surely provide a great way of improving your strategy and raise the level of teamwork. No one in Crossout will be left out either as it is open to all players, regardless of their overall level.

Then there’s “Frontier Defense”, which is a PvE mission where players must try to re-capture an oil rig that has previously been lost to a band of raiders. You need to mount a counter attack, after being forced out of the area, and defeat the enemies protecting the rig. Once the area is secured and within your possession, the raider defense turrets can be repaired as you continue to protect the rig from the multiple waves of enemies coming your way.

Whilst on the subject of PvE modes, the computer-controlled enemies have been significantly reworked to better represent the different factions that are present in-game. For example, enemies from the Lunatics faction turn up in large numbers and target the weakest player, in terms of hitpoints, attacking them in close combat. Members of the Nomad faction however will tend to favour combat from a distance, using drones and other forms of modern technology to their advantage. As of right now, A.I. enemies of the Lunatics, Nomads and Scavengers are available – with future updates looking to add reworked enemies of the other factions as well.

Last, but not least, is a brand new map located on the site of a destroyed chemical plant. “Refinery” is a former Scavenger settlement where a valuable artifact has caught the eye of treasure hunters. You can take the quick route through the flooded passages or go for the easier, but longer, way by going on a detour to enter the rear entrance. Once inside the settlement, the area can be navigated via the narrow pipe network or you can stick to the flooded passageways. The entrances are heavily defended by raiders, but it’ll surely be worth it to get your hands on the old world artifact.

What do you think of this new Crossout update? It’s free so you should at least see what all the fuss is about, and then get back to us with your thoughts on social media, in the comments, or in the forums.

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