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Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have revealed a unique feature that powers the players progression in Homefront: The Revolution…Hearts and Minds!

‘Hearts and Minds’ represents the state of uprising across the oppressed Yellow Zones of occupied Philadelphia, and this will increase as the player performs acts of resistance, such as destroying KPA infrastructure. You’ll find the open world dynamically transforming as Hearts and Minds increases with the civilian population joining the player in acts of defiance, and the entire Zone evolving from a state of lockdown to open revolution on the streets.

The latest trailer, that titled ‘Ignite’, sees the open world shooter come to life with freedom fighter Ethan Brady, trying to inspire the people to rise up against the brutal military occupation and ignite the revolution.

The single player campaign in The Revolution is just the start with the cooperative mode seeing you and your friends forming Resistance Cells and attempting to become the Heroes of the Revolution.

Full features include:

  • Explore a living, breathing open world – experience true open world gameplay in a first person shooter, brought to life with astonishing CRYENGINE-powered visuals
  • Wage Guerrilla Warfare – this is no linear shooter; learn the art of guerrilla warfare and use ambush, infiltration and hit and run tactics against your foe in thrilling un-scripted firefights
  • Build the Resistance – recruit revolutionaries to the cause, establish bases and safehouses, capture and customise a deadly arsenal, and build improvised, homebrew weapons for your Guerrilla Tool Kit
  • Ignite the Revolution – from oppressed citizen to revolutionary leader, an epic single-player campaign tells the story of the second War of Independence. The dynamic, evolving world responds to your actions as an oppressed nation rises up in defiance against the occupation
  • Online Co-Op – take the battle online, form a Resistance Cell with your friends and earn your reputation as Heroes of the Revolution



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