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He’s only been frequenting the music scene for the last few years, but after going viral back in 2017, and then signing to Atlantic Records, has found the fame and fortune he was always after. Now though Oliver Tree is hitting the real big time, moving into the gaming space and seeing one of his biggest hits arrive in Rock Band 4.

Available as the lead act in a trio of tunes that have come to Rock Band 4, Oliver Tree may not initially be thought of as a household name, but it is certainly he who is the star of the show this time around as he leads A Day to Remember and Sleater-Kinney to the Rock Band library.

In place this week and adding to the ever-expanding Rock Band 4 library are the following tunes:

As always the usual Xbox and PlayStation digital store become the source of these latest tunes and it is they you should be hitting up in order to enjoy the madness that the latest Rock Band 4 additions bring. For Xbox One gamers that means the Xbox Store will happily dish out the melodies, whilst PS4 rockers will need to hit up the PlayStation Store.

With Jumpers and Have Faith In Me costing £1.69 each and Oliver Tree’s Hurt setting you back even less at £1.29, adding these tunes to your own library is most certainly done in an easy, relatively cheap manner.

If these tunes don’t float your boat then there are a ton of other songs to enjoy too – make sure you hit up the back catalogue of recent additions to the Rock Band 4 library and let us know in the comments which you decide to pick up and whether or not these tunes will see you getting the band back together.

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