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Lead a new galactic empire with the Megacorp expansion for Stellaris: Console Edition


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Already available as an Xbox Game Pass title, and already chock full of numerous interesting expansions, Stellaris: Console Edition is pretty much the dream game for those looking to conquer the galaxy. But even though the Xbox One and PS4 version of the game is full of content, Paradox Interactive aren’t done yet and today they begin the roll out of the next step in galactic domination – the Stellaris: Console Edition Megacorp expansion. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PS4, the Megacorp expansion for Stellaris: Console Edition builds on not just the base game, but the plethora of expansions which have hit since launch in early 2019 like the Utopia and the Plantoids Species Pack

This time around though and Stellaris players will have the chance to really get to grips with the seedy side of the universe, attempting to usher in an era of prosperity and to make a profit as they do so. It is this money making which is the ultimate goal of Megacorp, seeing you become a CEO of one of the most powerful corporate empires around; an empire which is getting set to rule over all others. 

In Megacorp you’ll find a host of options. Not only will you be able to invest in new megastructures, meet new traders, create your own new city-planet and check in with many advisors, but you’ll be able to work the ideologies that align most with your thinking. The pursuit of profit cannot be stopped and you’ll be able to work a variety of ways to meet that goal. 

Features include:

  • Corporate Culture: Chief Executive Officers of a MegaCorp can conduct business on a galaxy-wide scale with a host of new civics. By building Branch Offices on planets within empires they have trade agreements with, the MegaCorp can add a portion of the planet’s Trade Value to their own network. Using the new Corporate Authority, construct an economic powerhouse and dominate galactic trade – for a brighter future.
  • City World: With Ecumenopolis, players can increase the population density of core worlds to truly epic proportions, eventually creating a planet-spanning megacity.
  • Caravaneer Fleets: Keep an eye out for the Caravaneers, nomadic interstellar wheelers-and-dealers who stay aloof from galactic politics, and always have a bargain up their sleeve. Expect surprises when these master traders wander through your space or when you visit their home systems.
  • More Megastructures: Budget has been approved for your own glorious Matter Decompressor, Mega-Art Installation, Interstellar Assembly or Strategic Coordination Center to acquire new scaling capabilities for your megalopolis.
  • Galactic Slave Market: Buy and sell pops on an industrial scale, set them free or keep them as livestock. The choice is yours!
  • VIP Status Comes with its Perks: Keep your economy competitive in a cutthroat galaxy with additional Ascension perks!
  • Advisors and Music: 3 Additional Advisors and 4 music tracks to help you conquer the Galaxy

With the base game of Stellaris: Console Edition in hand – remember, this is already available on Xbox Game Pass – you’ll find the Megacorp expansion ready to roll from the usual digital stores – the Xbox Store is our favourite but if you prefer to play Stellaris on PS4, then that’s absolutely fine by us. It’ll set you back £16.74.

However you play, and whatever you deem as success in Stellaris, we’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments. 

DLC Description:

MegaCorp is an expansion pack for Stellaris: Console Edition, which has players ushering in an era of prosperity and profit on a galactic scale. In this economy-focused expansion, players can become the CEO of a powerful corporate empire to expand operations across the stars.

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