Want to fight under the tutelage of former Akatsuki leader Obito Uchiha in Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker? Well now you can as he’s available as a Master with the latest DLC pack.

For the relatively small price of £3.19, you can train under the rather disillusioned Obito Uchiha in the Hidden Leaf Village, which will enable you to get your hands on a whole host of unlockable Ninjutsu manoeuvres, weapons and costumes. In doing so, your created character will eventually be able to equip defensive orientated Ninjutsu moves like the Uchiha Flame Formation and his Transportation Ninjutsu, as well as acquire the ability to perform the spiralling blaze of the Bomb Blast Dance secret technique. In regards weapons, there’s only the holy relic Sword of Nunoboko to unlock, but that’s not all because the pack also brings cosmetic stuff such as Obito’s outfit and a special t-shirt.

To start earning training points from Obito in Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker on Xbox One, simply head on over to the Xbox Store and pay the necessary fee for the Master Character Training Pack – Obito Uchiha. Then all you need to do is set him as your new master in the Hidden Leaf Village online lobby at the Ninjutsu Library.

Are you unsure as to what exactly Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker is? Feel free to have a read of our review to figure out what it’s all about!

DLC Description:

Once you have downloaded this content, you can set a new master by going to Hidden Leaf Village in the online lobby followed by the Ninjutsu Library. Note: Once downloaded, this content will appear in your Gift Box at the Inn in Hidden Leaf Village. Earn Training Points with Obito Uchiha to get your hands on various Ninjutsu, weapons, and costumes, allowing you to create a ninja unique to you! Content includes:• Two Ninjutsu: Uchiha Flame Formation (Defense Type) Transportation Ninjutsu (Defense Type) • A Secret Technique: Fire Style: Bomb Blast Dance • A Weapon: Sword of Nunoboko (Defense Type) • An Avatar Part: Obito’s Hair (male only) • Costumes: Obito Outfit (male only) Obito’s Ninja Way T-Shirt

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