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Let’s get ready to rumble with World Championship Boxing Manager 2 on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch


world championship boxing manager 2
Throw the punches with World Championship Boxing Manager 2

Whether you have the might of Tyson Fury, the shrewd ducking and weaving of Mohammed Ali, or the aggression of Big John down the pub on a Friday night, we can all enjoy a bit of the boxing. And now we can do so on our consoles, with the release of World Championship Boxing Manager 2.

Following on from a PC release at the top of the year, World Championship Boxing Manager 2 is today entering the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch ring. However, as the name clearly suggests, you yourself will not be throwing the punches in this arcadey fighter: instead, your goal is to carve out the greatest boxing legacy known to man, assembling a crack-squad of boxing coaches and their fighters.

Part business tycoon, part sports sim, Mega Cat Studios’ latest creation will see you recruiting from a pool of boxers – many of which are former real-world pros, such as the great Rocky Marciano and Sugar Ray Robinson – and overseeing their training schedules, including cardio days, rest days and the like. Training will see your boxers develop unique skills which can have devastating effects in the ring, however it is key that you assign the best manager to the appropriate fighter, lest their ego get the better of them!

A full list of features World Championship Boxing Manager 2 boasts includes:

  • Keep Those Hands Up: An awesome stable of sluggers and staff, including iconic licensed characters, Sue “Tiger Lily” Fox, Rocky Marciano™ and Sugar Ray Robinson™!
  • Honoring Boxing History: Experience the everyday struggles of the boxing world with eight story mode scenarios available to play
  • Bit by Bit: 32-bit visuals with modern features, including dynamic lighting and a fight cam to watch your fighter duke it out in real-time
  • Skill Check: A stylish new skill system lets players build the pugilist of their dreams in a streamlined experience. Be it a hard-hitting ring king, a one-punch wonder, or a super stamina warrior of the knock-down-drag-out fight; it’s up to the player to create a training path to victory.
  • You’re Hired!: A complete hiring system lets players ensure they have the best training team (and business managers) for their fighters —  even if some of that staff might be a little unorthodox!
  • Twitch But Make it Integrated: Twitch integration allows streamers and their viewers to take part in the boxing experience together with viewer-triggered random in-game events that can help or hinder the player.
  • Kids Got A Lotta Heart: Jam-packed with the humor, heart, and personality that made the original game so popular!

So, if you fancy managing the best and brightest of the boxing world, then look no further than World Championship Boxing Manager 2 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch and PC (Steam). To make a purchase on Xbox, the game is available via the Xbox Store for £12.49.

Our review of World Championship Boxing Manager 2 is coming.

Game Description:

The boxing world is at your fingertips in this streamlined and outrageously entertaining sports management simulation. Simpler interfaces and more straightforward decision-making deliver a tighter gameplay loop that keeps up the pace and your boxers in the action. Enlist competitive fighters, recruit top-notch staff, and ride the hype train all the way to endorsement city! Watch it all play out in the ring as your fighter takes the throne…or gets KO’d. An official sequel to 1991’s highly-applauded World Championship Boxing Manager™, this iteration captures the essence of the original and expands upon it. Offering updated visuals, deeper gameplay, and new characters that extend the World Championship Boxing Manager™ franchise, World Championship Boxing Manager ™ 2 provides fun for grizzled veterans and lightweight fans. Go toe to toe with fantasy characters, or take the main stage with historical boxing legends including Rocky Marciano™, Sugar Ray Robinson™, and more!

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