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In two-minds about the recently released Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on Xbox One? Not sure what to expect from it – how much has been touched up and what is exactly as you remember it? Fear not, for we have a Let’s Play video to help you make a decision!

Join Richard – as he take us through the opening stages of the latest Final Fantasy to sprout up on the Xbox One. We get a glimpse of the first dungeon where we can unlock Ifrit as a Guardian Force – or GF – and listen along as he tries helplessly to explain all about GFs and Junctioning your spells.

Through controlling Squall, Richard gives us a tour of Balamb and Balamb Garden – and even takes us back to Squall’s room! (Purely to heal up and change into his uniform)

Squall is the typical teenage protagonist; moody and broody. Frequently we get glimpses of what he is saying in his head, and then what he says out loud. They are regularly very different things. Along with the other characters in this playthrough, including Quistis, Zell and Seifer, we start to get an understanding of some of the big players in Final Fantasy VIII.

Squall likes his downtime as well though, and Richard does play a few games of Triple Triad using his newly acquired Ifrit card. How does he fare? Watch the stream to find out!

It isn’t all fun and games though, as Squall needs to complete his final SeeD exam and that involves heading to the town of Dollet to drive back the advancing forces of the Republic of Galbadia. This may be a final exam for SeeDs, but this is also a real-life warzone these military cadets are heading into. We see the beginnings of this mission towards the end of the stream, which you can find here:

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