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Line up those strikes as PBA Pro Bowling 2023 rolls onto PC and console

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If you’re a fan of the lanes and get nothing but pleasure from smashing out a strike, then PBA Pro Bowling 2023 is here to take up far too much of your free time. 

Following on from PBA Pro Bowling back in 2019 and then PBA Pro Bowling 2021 in, well, 2021, comes a third iteration of the ball-throwing franchise in PBA Pro Bowling 2023 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

It comes to market with a £24.99 price point in tow, and promises to be nothing less than the ultimate bowling game. At least that’s the hope of Farsight Studios – and us, if we’re honest as we really want a decent ten-pinner on the market – as a full single player Career Mode looks to play out alongside a host of online matchery, tournaments and more. 

Sold as the most realistic and authentic bowling game ever, as you’d guess from the name this is a game that is closely aligned with the Pro Bowlers Association – the PBA in the title – featuring more than thirty of the finest pro bowlers from the real world. 

Drop in some in-game comms and TV broadcast styled presentation and PBA Pro Bowling 2023 could well be the best bowling title to yet hit Xbox, PlayStation, Switch or PC. We certainly hope it builds on the offering in PBA Pro Bowling 2021. 

We’ll look to review as soon as we can but for now you can grab a copy of PBA Pro Bowling 2023 for yourself by heading to the likes of the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You’ll also be able to line up the strikes on PlayStation, Switch and PC too. 

Game Description:

The ultimate bowling game is back with PBA Pro Bowling 2023! Become a PBA legend with the completely re-designed single player Career Mode or compete in Online matches and tournaments against your friends and rivals as yourself or as any of today’s top PBA bowlers. This is the most realistic and authentic bowling game ever! PBA Pro Bowling 2023 is officially licensed by the Pro Bowlers Association and includes over 30 of the top pros in the game today along with in-game commentary from the TV broadcast team of Rob Stone and hall-of-famer Randy Pedersen.

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