Welcome to the future. The year is 2077, and today we found a relic we’d like to show you from an exciting time in history, 2017, April to be exact. It appears to be a magical black box containing items relating to that era of gaming, featuring exclusive products for the price of a monthly subscription. Let’s have a look to see whether the gamers of yesteryear were delivered good value, courtesy of the people over at Loot Gaming. This is ‘Future Tech’!

To mark the upcoming anniversary of the Overwatch release, Blizzard designed an exclusive variant figure for Loot Gaming, depicting one of the most popular heroes, Tracer. The former pilot turned adventurer from London comes in arguably the cutest form possible at just three inches tall and wearing her Electric Purple skin. Design-wise it is absolutely on-point, shining as a lovely little collectible for both fans of the game and those who have a penchant for figures.

Anyone with a long time interest in these crates will be familiar with the regular inclusion of a wearable, and in this case it’s representing and celebrating the 35th anniversary of the 1982 sci-fi adventure film starring Jeff Bridges, Tron. The film also spawned a variety of games, but the tee itself features a design clearly inspired by the original film poster, which has been printed onto a plain navy blue tee; bearing the logo, characters and the synonymous red and blue colours. It’s certainly ideal to show off during a late night cruise on your Light Cycle, or another more realistic vehicular choice.

Then there’s the slightly less exciting gaming mat, something which I’ll never personally used, but I guess it could play its part as a makeshift mouse mat. On it is a glorious piece of concept art from the remake of Prey, featuring the main protagonist Morgan Yu, presumably before the Typhon alien race turns life upside-down. I can’t knock the quality, however, a gaming mat isn’t something that’ll make or break the overall judgement of a crate.

Finally, we have officially come to the first truly futuristic item in this month’s box, a Mass Effect: Andromeda LED Lamp. You’re probably thinking I’m daft given that lamps have been around for ages, but this one stands out in pure design. When switched on, it emits a blue light to show up the Pathfinder shape and although it’s plastic by nature, to the untrained eye at nightfall the lamp effect almost appears to be a hologram – thus ending our rummage through the crate with a very cool piece of kit indeed.

Oh, I almost forgot the Future Tech Loot Pin, which has an alien zapping ray-gun upon its face, although I’m not sure how useful it’ll be in the heat of a battle against the Typhons. The LED lamp from ME: Andromeda stands out as an instant hit because it’s both useful and cool, whereas the gaming mat is a bit of a low point. This was a decent crate from Loot Gaming, but one that could’ve done with more futuristic item ideas. Join us next time for the greatly named Suit Up crate, featuring more from Overwatch, plus items from HALO, South Park: The Fractured But Whole and the much anticipated Injustice 2.

Have you already signed up to a Loot Gaming subscription, and if so, were you happy with everything included in Future Tech? If you still haven’t taken the plunge, what will entice you to finally get involved and suit up for the next instalment of the subscription service? Let us know in the comments, or on social media!

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stylon (Steve)
stylon (Steve)
5 years ago

That Mass Effect lamp is awesome!

J Birks
Reply to  stylon (Steve)
5 years ago

It sure is, so much so that it’s taken the place of my small Ikea lamp I’ve had for years.